If life of the 21st chapter is like only see 广州桑拿夜生活论坛BGRfirst

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If life is like only see first, bei of He Shiqiu wind draws fan.

Aimlessly changes however old friend heart, however old friend heart is changeful.

Language of black horse hill stops Qing Xiao half, 0 bells do not blame lachrymal rain eventually.

Yi Lang of how about Bao Xingjin, fly wing to wing to wish even the branch that day.

Glacial Qing Dynasty reads a script, understood probably after the meaning, agent Zhou Kai says to her: “Fasten anxious, I believe you can have performed this role. I believe you can have performed this role..

Actually, glacial Qing Dynasty also does not have confidence to oneself, she did not think of the thing is so follow a rational line to do some work well unexpectedly, this performance very reach the designated position, the director is laughing to say to putting Qing Dynasty on the ice: “The acting of this child is pretty good, next time the opportunity hopes to still can cooperate.

Zhou Kai is radiant with happiness say: “Good, director. Director..

tired a day, him feeling glacial Qing Dynasty has bit of physical strength to be not raised, zhou Kai saw the idea that puts on the ice clear, say: ” t[……]


D广州百花园登录ozenth chapter: Be apt to of punish evil raise

” city of drive sword bend ” sheep is elegant / , this chapter in all 2040 words, update at: 2014-07-01 03:24

“Find wicked shelter eventually, not easy really still! Not easy really still!!

The say with small weak cloud of summerly Yun wind, thinking in the heart, it is to wanted to was punished to these people at long last.

“Summerly girl not wants anxious, let be in go down to look inside have how many person after all. The disciple that fierce becomes also is before that thief person after all, do not act rashly and alert the enemy. Do not act rashly and alert the enemy..

Xia Yun also feels ursine to wither has some of be affectedly bashful, but some things, good for oneself still however, nod, slowly broken like that temple stands by the figure that visitting ursine wither, the body vacated the ground to promote a warm idea.

Must say, ursine wither is an attentive good person.

Ursine wither stood by that to defeat temple, probe looks, inside a noisy sound, resembling was to collect not little person. Because the heart is medium,at first Yun of summer of ursine wither side also is only compunctious, look now, still punish a bit really the flavour of evil thief.

“The second, the results yesterday is not little really still, still be you most ability. Still be you most ability..

Of a straightforward male vo[……]


B全国茶资源信息ridge of sounds of nature of the 5th chapter

” bridge of sounds of nature ” small Qiao Er / , this chapter in all 3398 words, update at: 2014-10-05 09:26

“Was opposite, cold rain eldest brother, how do you cry firm the pure this world that be Chun ah? ” Rong Tianer is met so ask, because she is familiar very to this appellation,be, ever also had looked on the book before, and that book nature is…

“Chun this world is her infant name, made be used to from pee! ” Luo Lengyu as before very gent ground explains. Do not know why, see Luo Lengyu oneself, rong Tianer derives a kind of strange feeling. Although Luo Lengyu is student about, can be the back from him, rong Tianer saw husky is immanent however with tough feelings.

“Such before! ” Rong Tianer is going slowly at the same time, stroking bridge column with handle gently at the same time, thinking this how next if problem. When she has turned round, see Luo Lengyu is making a few note on book however, can be him, is what use actually… left hand?

“Cold rain eldest brother, are you left-hander? ” Rong Tianer asks cautiously, for fear that touchs other does not think alluding thing.

“Yes, but also not be. ” the work that Luo Lengyu dropped at hand, come to the bridge corridor that berth is beside Rong Tianer.

This answer is very strange. Took aim stealthily when Rong Tianer Luo Lengyu when, the small hole that discovers him however added[……]


Forget a rule 1广州夜玩网2: Lie the billows since the month

” the bone bewitching of Bai Yue night pays a debt of gratitude ” not dead Xiaobai is white / , this chapter in all 1603 words, update at: 2014-10-02 08:00

Instantly later, beside the clumsy tiger that night was holding me in the arms to rush to had been besieged and leveret younger brother. Wriggle one person fights the tiger alone soon several 10 shameless a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest, resembled wrapping around all over a bloodstained garment, where to still have those high-spirited and vigorous when seeing him before. In the heart come out so urgently that nearly cries, but wriggle the tiger still can be maintained fortunately, visit leveret younger brother again there however circumstances can care.

Because photograph fetch,the object using method of art can be onefold only. And during using method, noumenon does not have any consciousness almost, in battle of this kind of sea of faces, leveret younger brother did not wriggle the tiger is very popular that set apparently.

Noumenon is before below the protection of clumsy tiger, did not hurt fraction. But a sackcloth comes loose celestial being saw way to do sth, force leveret younger brother and clumsy tiger after coming loose, the noumenon of leveret younger brother meet with murderous scheme.

When I and night come, that sackcloth comes loose celestial being has thrown into confusion the soul of leveret[……]


Green Zhang Liu: Hang down in clusters the world d广州的夜生活文化ies young

” the bone bewitching of Bai Yue night pays a debt of gratitude ” not dead Xiaobai is white / , this chapter in all 1446 words, update at: 2014-09-06 22:00

When sideslip begins again in my brain, wooden tract knee is bungled in the sound on the ground, pullbacked me again reality.

“Be impossible! Absolutely impossible! You do not have a thing how possibly! You do not have a thing how possibly!!

“The master worker that calls you comes, I and he has old job to want clear! ” is night to come actually Qing Dynasty and the old job of 100 medical king? Are we to search violet hang down in clusters?

I am a bit muddled…

“Falling benevolence 100 medicine, excuse me Your Exllency name. ” an aged form outside the door went, but his sound however as before simple and honest and strong.

Night holds boxing recompense in the arms, when I following one case before him, this learns. See him hold boxing recompense in the arms to get now so natural, feel a bit incommensurate actually.

“Demon “

This simple word, let benevolence dc of 100 medicine abnormal sweating due to general debility.

Benevolence the existence that 100 medicine do not know monster how possibly! In him a group of things with common features in the standard of one a member of the same clan that pass, wear with respect to account the old job[……]


Green stamp one: Hang down in cluster广州夜网论坛HGDs the world dies young

” the bone bewitching of Bai Yue night pays a debt of gratitude ” not dead Xiaobai is white / , this chapter in all 1495 words, update at: 2014-09-04 18:00

Green stamp one: Hang down in clusters the world dies young

Night regained power obviously, god go to the fields also simply Yu, but he likes to swing ham namely, make me very strange!

However every time I go pry when his feeling, he can hold back my consciousness outer!

This makes me more anxious, the fetch that is afraid of Bai Yue cannot be found. But every time right now, night can say ” need not urgent ” these 3 words.

What does follow! ! Where need not urgent? Nocturnal gentleman!

Your home accurate son’s wife becomes warped to death became warped, dare be you behaved a bit more anxiously? !

Ah ah ah ah ah ah — I am fast by night not urgent not delay gives force mad!

It is an emperor really not urgent eunuch is urgent! Although, I am not eunuch absolutely!

Night is taking me this incomplete fetch, gave mountain of the five elements, with respect to the Jin Shui below hill of the five elements the town looked for a hotel to live. Hotel name is very interesting, cry ” toward unripe inn ” . Sparse of the business before the door, decorate very pallet also stale, only a bit more particular desirable place. It is this is gone to the win[……]


Bl广州中低端茶微信ack rule one: Situation does not know greatly to be in

” the bone bewitching of Bai Yue night pays a debt of gratitude ” not dead Xiaobai is white / , this chapter in all 1863 words, update at: 2014-09-07 09:00

The old man still requests night in genuflect, forgive the life of their gens, and I am in benevolence 100 medicine saw in the memory of this old man let me also cannot bear the picture that witness.

In those days, benevolence 100 medicine by the madam 100 blue magpie are used ” the husband does not have care ” protect after falling, awake, cereal of whole medicine king is a body everywhere. Medical cereal clansman and those search Chou Lai’s a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest to lie together, without a blood, everybody resembles is to get drunk in good dream, the face brings a smile. Benevolence painful wail of 100 medicine surface noise also cannot redeem a minute, from now on he more the name dies young between humanness of medical king cereal. Put benevolence word before common people, seal forever ban the world the first strange poison ” Na Yu of pillow of the water lily in the dream ” .

All previous classics 50 years, benevolence 100 medicine just reach development of 100 medicine gens again this. This old man is not to be afraid of death ground of in a tearful voice seeks gift night, however he is borne too much! Forget impossibly also forever because of this old man in those days, ground of genuflect of 3 more than 100 pe[……]


Fiftieth 4 chapters, see which new personality laughs at 北京体验论坛交流to see old person cries only

” tear of China die young ” Hua Jin announce / , this chapter in all 2754 words, update at: 2014-12-10 18:03

Lotus palace.

According to history record, hunan country between Tian Denian, chu Huang dash forward feeling is unwell, on hall of faint hold office at court, the government and the public is astonished.

It is night.

Evil spirit genuflect is drawing crural border of the month, of reverent and respectful, hanging down first.

Pull the evil spirit that him move raises lunar look, with the evil spirit that energy spirit raises, he always feels where is incorrect, but say not to come out again: ? Umbrella of bay Lang chloric グ ! ?

Evil spirit looked to lie in the frail and clinking boss on the bed, it is a head after all also do not answer went.

Who says also do not know toward hall, the emperor sufferred witch a legendary venomous insect, bore a curse, it is Gongzhongzhi person place is.

Lotus mastering face hall nowadays, life person will be whole ** search complete, foul atomsphere, dig the ground 3 feet, leave a stage hard.

Chen palace.

The palace that place of lens dance princess stays, everybody not dare affront, lotus is cool detachment look worn block the amah: before her body? Does  of every  door Qiao Mou cuts neck of course of study of Gu Huan of  of sole o[……]


The energy with e 广州夜生活娱乐NFDleventh strange chapter is fluctuant

” ghost differs a trainee ” the tear that recollects loneliness / , this chapter in all 3383 words, update at: 2014-07-13 22:48

These two people do not know, but when elegant musical instrument is containing king bright arm again, the word in the mouth did not listen however, nevertheless Wang Hao can see ” calls you to dare say me only however, I bite you, the bite of firm firm you “

Crossed the left and right sides one minute about, zhang Yaqin is satisfaction very is loose small mouth, and the tear that Wang Hao is fond of is straight in orbit revolve. Is ” of the say after elegant musical instrument sees dry? Refuse to obey? Refuse to obey bite again “

Wang Hao is heard place a hand at once adscititious the say ” that shake one’s head not dare, not dare, the wrong ” that is me but in the heart day of dark line ” ! Still work over there me, my arm, dog, this girl estimates even if belong to a dog, to belonging to a dog absolutely, leave an opening otherwise won’t so firm “

The arm that covering to get hurt waited for a day, until classes are over Wang Hao returns a dormitory, at this moment week rainbow glow will to not salty of king bright door knock gently, wang Hao at this moment firm satchel put away, hear somebody to knock, open the door at once, wait when opening the door, will to week rainbow glow stand in the doorway, wang Hao asks ” this at once. . . What thing is there[……]


End of the 20th wo广州花名录rd

” Shuang Yu? Recall chronicle ” tangerine one night tide / , this chapter in all 2544 words, update at: 2014-10-10 13:47

… 1…

Foreword lives in seclusion.

This once was my former residence, in former days picturesque scenery, wintry day falls nowadays cold, heavy snow flies violently, eye shot is full of white.

Already the house place of put aside as useless, static on the earth that waits for in a depression cold and cheerless, four of snow of wind of at one’s convenience is raided. Snow ground imprints on my heavy footmark, what brisk wind chaos is blowing my heart is disconsolate, snowflake disturbed the idea of my careful. But all these cannot be held back I am ashamed that to Yin Yu and the bitterness of anxious, he leaves me from beginning to end and went.

Step cross glacial on, the flower falls whose home is white. Passerby searchs friend relative, know to reside where.

On Lan Ting, those two couplet are enclothed by wind snow place already, do not build the memory that I once had had here forever however. I am unripe hereat, be on this, love hereat, reason is dead also hereat.

That one night, Zuo spirit is pulling a loftily smile, glacial bottle does not know when to fall on her hand, “Uncle father’s younger brother, you also need not this pair of about looks at me. When although be at the moment,you part, but al[……]