Tang Fe佛山桑拿夜生活论坛i’s retaliation

” Shan has Mu Xi ” Ding Liu / , this chapter in all 3174 words, update at: 2017-02-11 22:13

Qin Shan wants demit to drop present job in kink otherwise all the time recently, tang Fei’s contract comes down without the autograph company opinion is particularly big, fortunately lofty plain after the whole story that knew a thing, feel to lead to blunder from personal within an inch of, because this is special generous carry left this job, so Qin Shan did not get punish. But she or faint uneasiness, since Tang Fei has known he goes to work where, affirm the clarity that also feels oneself current situation, he is affirmative won’t be apt to stops of be willing to give up.

Seek Wang Shuwei’s opinion, it is a word every time, “See you, you are happy go. ” as an old man, wang Shuwei notices the caution that is less than a schoolgirl is thought of for certain. such all the time bad news a few months, also calm. Think in Qin Shan Tang Fei has forgotten her when, did she receive the information: that hair of an unfamiliar number comes to? Does  of Lu of Piao of doubt of litter of grey  an ancient nationality in China bow with hands clasped to full of Chi of leg fierce Jia to point to hang down ぷ a huge legendary turtle?

Resume the work? Qin Shan water of a mist, the mischief that who is? She thought back to, without what Wei of tree of king of this paragraph of time is abnormal, now and then see his brow[……]


A Yin treasure treasure th广佛街 论坛at I love the 10th chapter one person

” you are encountered in the most beautiful time ” Chen Rui / , this chapter in all 4977 words, update at: 2017-03-19 13:13

Already was hind of half an year.

A day of early morning, cheng falls to be walked out of from the bedroom, come to the sitting room directly, pull open a chair to sit down took the sandwich in dish to bite.

“You have a thing actually! ” the day flourishing a fine that takes opposite him is pointing to him surprisingly all over the face, frighten so that fell from the chair.

“Open-eyed what? ” Cheng falls look sidelong at him, resembling is to seeing idiocy.

Does day flourishing a fine live from the take everything into one’s own hands that excitement climbs on the ground does the hand that Cheng falls ask ” did your anorexia disease become good? Does day flourishing a fine live from the take everything into one’s own hands that excitement climbs on the ground does the hand that Cheng falls ask ” did your anorexia disease become good??

Cheng falls the takes out oneself hand that be driven beyond forbearance, continue to eat his breakfast, be disinclined to manage he.

Although the anorexia disease that Cheng falls became good, but he cannot see red resembles ketchup however in that way food, otherwise he can be spat madly more than, that gules blood can appear in his brain again, doctor in charge of a cas[……]


Fam全国凤凰楼信息网ilial game is not interesting

” Shi Kai ” hard gold Chen / , this chapter in all 2000 words, update at: 2017-02-08 19:15

When Lin Shichen prepares to give Ling Dong his tear, lin Xingchen checked she, “Elder sister, are you incorrect without the complexion that discovers Ling Dong? ” Lin Xingchen in a low voice say, what is the look that sees Ling Dong only is like laughing like conspiratorial have one’s way, scorn of a silk is revealed in the eye, “Ling Dong, I ask you, where is the XX scientific lab that you say, where be to be able to find my parents probably! ” this problem is a Ling Dong pose, he knows to make up only, know where XX scientific lab is!

“I tell Ling Dong you, our age is small, but our intelligence quotient is not small, I had said, if you dare cheat me, I killed you for a short while! ” Lin Shichen was full of murderous look in the eye at the moment, “Well? You won’t should be in the jail? How, do not become your escape from prison hard? ” An Xueying and Wang Yuan are same, accurate for, was affected by Wang Yuan namely, “I. . . . ” ha, you say not to come out word! “How, you say not to come out word! ” An Xueying also is very indignant actually, after all everybody does not like others to cheat his.

“Shi Chen, astral Chen, you need not blame him! ” alas, the miracle appeared, forest father forest mom appeared, “Pa Mom! ” ” uncle aunt! ” these 6 people speak out for a short while together really, “Good, kn[……]


广州桑拿夜生活论坛The 42nd chapter is acquainted

” doting lover ” one murder tender feelings / , this chapter in all 1100 words, update at: 2017-03-24 22:12

Yan Yulin sees the Lin Mengxue before had been cheated. . . That greatly bosom. . . Melting cheek. . Still have the become known leg that that package falls in the jeans. . . . Cannot help thinking the man that allows a maturity is held in arms, get on a few in person. . Next. . . . . . . Bang bang. . . . Nevertheless Yan Yulin just feels she is a little beautiful, did not like her meaning, there is Feng Xiaojia only inside the heart because of him a person. . .

Had answered a god to come, yan Yulin coughed two track: “Light snow ” . Bother you and me to go afternoon. . .

Wait meeting, what do you call me? Lin Mengxue pop the eye shows he asks.

Light snow. Because you grow too beautifully, the feeling is very close, make flurry so. . How? Do not like? The say of Yan Yulin leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards.

Not, either. . . It is a bit unaccustomed. . . good good, did not say to go, go to your school. Lin Mengxue say.

Be no good! The surface is quite cool outside today, the dress that change a body goes. Your dress is a little simple. Go adding a bit thicker. The say that Yan Yulin cares. The helper that because he does not think himself,searchs still does not have that. . . Fell ill first. . . That is not awkward. .[……]


The 27th chapter ref广州娱乐网uses!

” doting lover ” one murder tender feelings / , this chapter in all 1625 words, update at: 2017-03-05 12:22

Yes, by so a few days, I do not have a qualification to go after a schoolgirl really, and completely medium still goddess, so a schoolgirl by me so a few days get along to be chased after in one’s hand, not be a little really so return a responsibility. Nevertheless Mu Xiu needs at Lin Erfeng of break! It is me not to chase after you, others also meets certainly and do you get along to still do not know my humanness with me these days? Xiao Jia? ! ! ! Xiao Jia! Do my girlfriend! ! ! I like to go up you. . Since inside I saved the day you are already right you cannot extricate oneself!

Feng Xiaojia looks at this schoolboy before oneself. . . Her heart thinks: “His home, so rich, still can oneself distribute a car, although not up to much, but a student drives go to school classes are over very scarce, and still oneself have cafeteria, and domestic education, breeding, do not be defeated any person ” . . Who does not go back like him? But. . . I cannot like him. . . My family agrees absolutely, reversible his family. . . This is a problem absolutely, so. . . Yes! Cannot agree absolutely!

I. . . Feng Xiaojia started to talk. I. . . I cannot be together with you! When Feng Xiaojia speaks this word, teardrop has been in orbit revolve, that afflictive interest in the heart. Lin Lin sees disapprob[……]


The 6th ch广州夜生活娱乐WFGapter

” very strange I love you only ” bend Chen W/ is written, this chapter in all 714 words, update at: 2016-12-09 23:34

@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_^^-={_{_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_{_#^^-={_



I worry about the 80th chap广州龙凤网ter very much

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1080 words, update at: 2017-04-02 22:34

Mu Xiaomeng looks at the redness of skin on the hand, still do not have reaction to come over, be rushed to cross comer to be cuddle in the bosom by far.

“Dream, where do you go to? You know not to know I worry dead! ” the concern in Lin Yizhou speech comes apparently.

Mu Xiaomeng takes the cup of ease boat, double hand push opens ease boat, comfort, “My have nothing to do ~ ~ “

Lin Yizhou looks up, look at Mu Xiaomeng to still shedding hematic forehead, between the eyebrows is knitted closely, but there has been much accident however on the face, contrary, the concern that is dense and regret.

Move below the look, this ability discovers Lin Yizhou Mu Xiaomeng’s dress changed. Just passed to be less than a hour to did not see, her dress changed. Look at the black shirt that Mu Xiaomeng is wearing on the body, lin Yizhou face sinks, but the look is opposite again,go up when Mu Xiaomeng, do not have what Mu Xiaomeng looks at like the thing again however face, so natural and harmless.

Mu Xiaomeng is seen by Lin Yizhou some feel embarrassed, two cheek are painting the bright red that somehow causes.

“Dream, you know not to know I am about to worry dead, you where did a this many hour go to? ” Lin Yizhou a[……]


T广州夜生活娱乐QEShe 92nd chapter

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1027 words, update at: 2017-04-14 22:56

Mu Xiaomeng still is being cleared away, hear a high-heeled shoes and ground attrition generation ‘ Dong Dong Dong ‘ sound.

Back-to-back, a female voice, ring.

“Who are you? ” Mu Xiaomeng turns round, the young woman of coverall of a dress, there is overmuch cosmetics on the face, left hand is holding mark cup, the right hand is pointing to say of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair.

“Do you give the president’s file unexpectedly lane came loose? ” the document that the wife sees hand of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair is medium, mouth path.

Dehisce of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair wants to reply, result woman is being grabbed say, “It is important that you know not to know this file has many? ! If little a piece, blurred a word, can this be the several contracts of 1 million ah must your compensate remove ~ ? ” the dress that the wife looks Mu Xiaomeng, turned over supercilious look.

Mu Xiaomeng wore dress of yellow of a goose, skirt is placed pestering to set break completely those who get is lacy, collarband office is surrounded by pearl more, be week of fashionable dress of this year Paris is new article, had not begun sale to now, the woman had not let, had not seen, very normal.

To above inlai[……]