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Yes, by so a few days, I do not have a qualification to go after a schoolgirl really, and completely medium still goddess, so a schoolgirl by me so a few days get along to be chased after in one’s hand, not be a little really so return a responsibility. Nevertheless Mu Xiu needs at Lin Erfeng of break! It is me not to chase after you, others also meets certainly and do you get along to still do not know my humanness with me these days? Xiao Jia? ! ! ! Xiao Jia! Do my girlfriend! ! ! I like to go up you. . Since inside I saved the day you are already right you cannot extricate oneself!

Feng Xiaojia looks at this schoolboy before oneself. . . Her heart thinks: “His home, so rich, still can oneself distribute a car, although not up to much, but a student drives go to school classes are over very scarce, and still oneself have cafeteria, and domestic education, breeding, do not be defeated any person ” . . Who does not go back like him? But. . . I cannot like him. . . My family agrees absolutely, reversible his family. . . This is a problem absolutely, so. . . Yes! Cannot agree absolutely!

I. . . Feng Xiaojia started to talk. I. . . I cannot be together with you! When Feng Xiaojia speaks this word, teardrop has been in orbit revolve, that afflictive interest in the heart. Lin Lin sees disapprobation of Feng dawn beautiful, ask why ah? I like you really, do you look not to come out my heart to you? Although we now is high school is born only! But. . . We had arrived to be able to talk about love the sort of age! You say Xiao Jia what my where does is bad that I can change ah!

Not. . . Feng Xiaojia interrupted Lin Lin’s word to: “Either say because of you those ” ! Is because,that what? Lin Lin asks anxiously.

We are improper. . . Improper really. . . Our domestic background is not accorded with. And. . . It is dry that I connect your home do not know! I. . . I. . . How to accept you! Say Feng Xiaojia two hot tears in tears to flow like that. . . Because say to be at ease inside him home,Lin Lin listens is uncle aunt that, I can be connected absolutely close! Lin Lin’s fast respecting.

Feng Xiaojia listens the rhythm that tear pours out of is faster. Say to Lin Lin: “We are impossible ” . Next face about is about, and quick Hao blocked this clock Feng Xiaojia: “Xiao Jia, don’t you still believe Lin elder brother ” ? He is absolutely and OK of pass a barrier, appearance, domestic background, bearing, weigh feeling, is what kind of bad? ? ? You say, I am absolutely. . . The forehead. . . Either. . It is him, he can change absolutely! Zhong Minhao also thinks Lin Lin and Feng Xiaojia are together, because he feels they two it is a perfect match between a man and a girl really, absolutely heaven-made union! And Feng Xiaojia murmurred however: “Not. . . It is I do not deserve to go up he ” ! Expedited school backyard directly next. Barred the taxi just considered a car, by from the back the Lin Lin that run quickly madly and comes gives pulled. Say to the driver: “Master, I am sorry, we do not go ” !

And the driver is not foolish also, know them two it is the sweethearts in love is professioning, encountered a setback so very sensible also drive went away. And in the car the cluck that return be favored with says: “Alas, present child ah ” . . . Answer Lai Linlin crossing a head to put the hand on Feng Xiaojia’s shoulder to: “Actually, you need not worry about Xiao Jia the person inside my home is met how ” . Because. . . I like you, also not be they like you! I talk about love with you, also not be they talk about love, what concern to have with them? Right? Feng Xiaojia is shaking the arm that throws Lin Lin the head: “Not! I cannot be together with you ” ! Cannot! Saying with respect to run to driveway among. Be in be in at this moment Feng Xiaojia’s left head on travel came a car!

At this moment the car also is being worn in fast travel, and Feng Xiaojia rushed out directly, your driver was frightened jump to press a horn at once, but had been not driven,waded, when saying late fast in those days, lin Lin rushs to go ahead abruptly, hold Feng Xiaojia in the arms toward the directional front that runs toward Feng Xiaojia again to be swung, two people stand on the ground, and at that time that car also stopped to ask: “Don’t have a thing ” ? I am sorry, a moment ago you develop me suddenly to do not have delay to cross a god to come, you. . With need not go to a hospital be being checked? At this moment Lin Lin got angry the head is swung, elegant bang threw blusterous way: “You are special how drive ” ! Bump into a person how to do! Must your compensate rise! The driver listens to this word to also have a place immediately not willing. Obviously this him young lady rushs. . . This responsibility also is not in completely I ah. . . At this moment Lin Lin rises to just wanted a lesson inside driver, and Feng Xiaojia pulled him one to the driver again: “I am sorry, a moment ago I rush first, and it is red light Is am sorry ” . Eye socket is small red, a moment ago got fright apparently.

Oh, do not have a thing to do not have a thing, your otherwise still goes to a hospital. The driver closes the respecting of the department.

Not. . Need not. . I do not have a thing. Feng Xiaojia replies. True need not? The driver asks again. Lin Lin is impatient really, show the nose growl of a driver: “Say to do not have a thing listen not to search ah ” ! you nod have to bluff you ability is glad, roll calf child! Lin Lin just professions because of oneself unceasingly angrily really at that time by refus, coming so foolish forked, he is opposite again driver say: “Actually this victim should blame me ” ! It is me she what profession with her does not agree, I still ask her why. Blame me actually. . . Next the heart thinks ” which have so much why! The family does not agree even if different idea has difficulties that one is reluctant to mention absolutely ” ! At this moment the Feng Xiaojia from the back pulled him. . . Say.


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