Tang Fe佛山桑拿夜生活论坛i’s retaliation

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Qin Shan wants demit to drop present job in kink otherwise all the time recently, tang Fei’s contract comes down without the autograph company opinion is particularly big, fortunately lofty plain after the whole story that knew a thing, feel to lead to blunder from personal within an inch of, because this is special generous carry left this job, so Qin Shan did not get punish. But she or faint uneasiness, since Tang Fei has known he goes to work where, affirm the clarity that also feels oneself current situation, he is affirmative won’t be apt to stops of be willing to give up.

Seek Wang Shuwei’s opinion, it is a word every time, “See you, you are happy go. ” as an old man, wang Shuwei notices the caution that is less than a schoolgirl is thought of for certain. such all the time bad news a few months, also calm. Think in Qin Shan Tang Fei has forgotten her when, did she receive the information: that hair of an unfamiliar number comes to? Does  of Lu of Piao of doubt of litter of grey  an ancient nationality in China bow with hands clasped to full of Chi of leg fierce Jia to point to hang down ぷ a huge legendary turtle?

Resume the work? Qin Shan water of a mist, the mischief that who is? She thought back to, without what Wei of tree of king of this paragraph of time is abnormal, now and then see his brows tightens a lock really, but before it is when actuating pressure is great such, oneself also were not cared about. He had not worked overtime however recently, compare so at ordinary times stickier she a few, before two days still say he applied for a long holiday with the company, want to be loosened well loosen, when Qin Shan goes to these series connection one case, suddenly one is plant very bad premonition.

See a table, now is afternoon at 3 o’clock, leave next returning early, follow directly simply lofty plain asked for leave, left a company.

She will to Wang Shuwei’s company want her to seek testimony.

“Who do you look for excuse me? ” ask downstage.

“I look for Wang Shuwei, had made an appointment. ” say of Shan of the Qin Dynasty.

Of downstage girl doubt looking her up and down, “Did you make an appointment certainly? Wang Shuwei had left his post. Wang Shuwei had left his post..

Qin Shan is amazed, had Tang Fei acted.

She decides to come home directly, all the way in the head surfy, so old thing king cultivates Wei to also do not say with oneself, no more than is afraid that she goes looking for Tang Fei namely, do not believe me so? Still have oneself, so carelessness, they commute together everyday, do not have discovery intimately so, she is careless really can.

Take out the key, open a lock to take the door, qin Shan sees Wang Shuwei sits in sofa to staring at computer. Hear sound, wang Shuwei looks up, see the apparent stunned when Qin Shan.

“Shan Shan, how to come back so early? Also do not say to let me receive you with me ahead of schedule? Also do not say to let me receive you with me ahead of schedule??

“Is this nods you to should be in a company? Why be in the home? Why be in the home??

“Come back to take portion file, preparing ” , say Wang Shuwei to rise add up to electrify head.

“Take a thing to be returned so that change a night clothes? Wang Shuwei, can an excuse that relies on chart search when are you lying? What what says to be not exported must hide assist to wear? You act in a play everyday tired “

“OK, I do not want to make a noise with you, produced company of a few businesses to let my suspend sb from his duties period of time, be afraid that you want to did not say with you in disorder. ” Wang Shuwei keeps calm to the utmost.

“Oh? Is suspend sb from his duties? Stop how long, when to let you go to work? ” Qin Shan aggressive.

Wang Shuwei is impatient look to somewhere else, “With respect to these two days, I will go back next week went to work. I will go back next week went to work..

“Wang Shuwei, is you cheat me even? ” Qin Shan is angry, “I asked to your company, the someone says you had left his post, had been dismissed! Had been dismissed!!

“You go to our company, go there work? Cannot you ask me must go asking others? You have head, you are my wife, you is this to let a family see joke? You is this to let a family see joke??

“You still know I am your wife, when do you regard me as your wife? So large issue you do not say with me, where don’t I go to your company asking you let me ask? ” Qin Shan enrages quiver all over.

“This thing myself is solved, need not you worry about, be at ease, even if without the job I also am raised remove you! Even if without the job I also am raised remove you!!

“Am I rare your money? You had not believed me at all, what matter does not say with me, good, I look for Tang Fei to say to be clear about now, after this thing was over us two each cross each, who doesn’t owe! ” Qin Shan grabs bag package goes outwards.

“Good, don’t you think such? You go looking for him, next you pass with him, pass at easely than be together with me for certain ” , wang Shuwei howls.

“Your what meaning ” , qin Shan turns around the station arrives before Wang Shuwei, “I am together with you all the time you are not clear about, when court passes him, are you special by what so disgusting I? Are you special by what so disgusting I??

“How do I know you are furtive in what is there? ” Wang Shuwei mouth not choose character.

“Ah, you think mine is so namely, good, I search now me, if what you wish. ” Qin Shan exerts all his strength bumped into Wang Shuwei, quarrelsome run outwards.

“Are you special so shameless? “Are you special so shameless??

“Yes, I still am such person, it is Tang Fei not merely, still have Li Fei, zhao Fei, what you do not know became much went. What you do not know became much went..

“Qin Shan! ” Wang Shuwei is overtaken at a stride, clutch is worn her neck lets her cannot move, qin Shan is staring at him with respect to eyeball of blood-red have sth in mind, the eye is not blinked.

Wang Shuwei comes down calmly, knead her into her bosom. The internal heat that Qin Shan has his heart filled with, grab firm bit his arm firm to go down.

“Are you those who belong to a dog ah? ” Wang Shuwei is looked at deeply the tooth imprints, but. Qin Shan with respect to goggle at he does not talk.

“I do not tell you to be afraid that you go looking for Tang Fei namely, we are clear that he wants what to do, if you was one impulse worn with respect to as it happens his path? If you was one impulse worn with respect to as it happens his path??

“Then you also should not hide the truth from me, you are told with me it is good to understand, I so reasonable. ” mouth of toot of Shan of the Qin Dynasty.

“Love you too because of me, do not think you appear so any accidents ah foolish girl. ” on the imprints in Qin Shan forehead with Wang Shuwei’s heavy lip.

Probably before a month, the Wang Shuwei’s odd item that is dismissed to issue him to be in charge of at that time forcibly, subsequently his boss plum learns to look for his commune by force, ask who he displeases. Wang Shuwei water of a mist, li Xuejiang sees the share in old friend on, just said the true state of affairs with him.

The president Tang Fei of original halo company finds him personally, let him dismiss Wang Shuwei, never mention it otherwise the project most likely on at hand, their product is in after whole banking group can be included blacklist.

Li Xuejiang is a businessmen after all, nice through so old development not easy gift is in his company the base oneself upon inside course of study calcaneal, be in a few this years especially financial industry is small famous gas, if this road was broken, the profit drop of that company was chopped 80% . Although Wang Shuwei is very outstanding really, quited very much big company a few this years invite of one mind to follow him, but, always cannot drop whole company with respect to compensate because of a person, one individual unemployment still is a flock of person unemployment, consideration repeatedly, li Xuejiang cannot help doing gives a decision.

Wang Shuwei listened of Li Xuejiang tell about silent not language.

“Xiaowang, you still look for him to talk well, I also did not follow his fix definitely, say to remove the item of your at hand first, let him do not do the thing too absolutely. ” Li Xuejiang mouth sighed.

“I do not blame you, you need not run this business, I can be dealt with as soon as possible leave one’s post, do not make you embarrassed. Do not make you embarrassed..

The company left after Wang Shuwei handed over the job, still be very afflictive in his heart actually, had stayed 56 years here, the wool head boy that just graduated from arrives present take charge of a department alone, he grows together with this company, witnessed it from only the poineering period of a few programmer expands a house one departmental now door is all ready, the autumn with office good environment, bore the weight of here his too much memory. Can be again much do not abandon, still want after all. Most a few days that when begin, really very lose, like was being held in the arms suddenly with respect to the child that rears meticulously like oneself, in the heart special sky.

He had looked for Tang Fei yesterday, without preamble ask he wants what to do after all.

“What do you ask I want to work? Ah, at this o’clock I pay no attention to the boy friend that actually you are Qin Shan, after all who can she know sooner or later ability is more capable to let her live the life with go up better. I just want to beat you originally, but I think the thing that day more jump over accurate, you not only bad I am meddlesome, you still dare hit me, so I think slowly torment you, teach you a lesson again finally. ” it is to distain completely in Tang Fei’s eye.

“I thank you to had helped her when she is the most difficult, hereto. How do you cope with me to follow you, but ask you not to disturb us again. But ask you not to disturb us again..

“Disturb? Hum, you still talk about a condition with me without the qualification, you also do not see you have what sth used to one’s own advantage. Be disinclined to follow your gibberish, two choices, leave Qin Shan actively, roll this city, I still can give maybe your brushstroke money kindly; Otherwise you are here bad news is worn, I assure to let you be denounced in this industry do not wear the meal has, and see you hit you. ” Tang Fei is minatory.

“Then we see unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease can be pressed. “Then we see unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease can be pressed..

Come out from Tang Fei’s company, wang Shuwei drives went by the side of the river, be perturbed when he always likes to come here slow-witted meeting. 3 years two ago, black-and-blue a bloody nose and a swollen face when he is here namely one individual cure injury.

Hou Linqing is clever in those days already resolutely of definitely part company with him, but his heart has unwilling, ceaseless still to her hair short message begs her change one’s views. Once, she answers information eventually, the agreement is in before meet in the small park that they often take a walk, but absolutely did not think of is that man with Bao Yanglin clever at that time Qing Dynasty saw information, come out him to plan to repair him about next, 35 people are not reachcapturing by defend oneself he is dozen, he comes loose with respect to the exercise as a child dozen, also disappear had not hit them, but the anguish that the sort of treason makes his heart grey meaning cold, do not wish strike back, he thinks Lin Qing is clever so cruel-hearted, to escape oneself pester look for a person to warn him even. Finally, that man says to him brushstroke money lets his scram, that one bank note that Wang Shuwei still marks so that they throw now is hit in the when feeling on him face, extremely acid, oneself do not fear pain, can be the trample that changes real really other people.

Past clearly is in eye is embrassing, wang Shuwei knows Qin Shan and someone else are different, she is not the person that the sort of covet enjoys, so he pledges secretly oneself must dispute an implication, cannot let her follow her to bear hardships absolutely, she is his baby wife, want her not to abandon only, oneself are clasping her hand all the time.

“Shan Shan, although not be in this company irrespective also, I still can seek other jobs, with respect to the technology by me, what be afraid of? What be afraid of??

“But, you are in that company so long, emotional affirmation is different! Emotional affirmation is different!!

“Is time must go, wait for me a few years too again here matured, I with respect to this housekeep. ” Wang Shuwei comforts her.

“But… “

“Baby, you should have hope to me, know? Know??

“Hum. “Hum..


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