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Weather gradually become cold, the spic paddy in the rice field became one bag to wrap up withered and yellow standing grain bag. The face also worked in cropland, a path break, go to school at this moment can be footloose on the road in cropland at a gallop. When a person, can step on He He to move round, the noise of Ka Ca, walk to be being counted at the same time at the same time, one, 2, 3. Counting, counting, visited the school, and forgot chill. On the road that classes are over, piquant schoolboy to warm oneself, the light side Tian Kuang fire, pervade to come in ablaze conflagration afield, cold wind, scintilla. Central heating. Classes are over to the winter different mood was added on the road.

Spend some of day, become between whole open country of bald. Look. Everywhere of empty sky, feel more cold at this moment.


When winter vacation exercise is sent originally, state final is about to come. Winter vacation life should begin again. A kind of ineffable excitement feels.

Open winter vacation to work this, look at inside the illustration of one page page, illustration is not deadwood, it is cold snow, illustration is filled sentence on sentence, two 34, fill below one. Wingceltis looks at the old person of straw rain cape of that dress in the graph, sit in Jiang Bian, unbroken mountain peak is all round Jiang Bian, without the person, without footmark, also do not have even a flyer. Write a poem, a blank, below one, angle alone cold Jiang Xue.


Wingceltis cold exercise brings back the home originally in, tian Ren sits by ground furnace, desk of a wood is put above, put the foot in burner above, the hand is maintained on the desk, look at knight-errant novel, wingceltis throws satchel, got a table rapidly below, the move that bake has frozen apathetic hand, taking home work afterwards this, a this one shop is on the table, begin to write rise.


In midnight, wingceltis was made a noise to wake in sleep, a miserable cry of the pig, still have the voice that man of a few people says. Tian Ren also is inside, whenever fast when spending the New Year, every family begins to kill a hog. Early morning rises, cooked food is particularly rich, fold pork liver, still have pork, pig bowel. Below Tian Ren’s craft, every dishes of dish is very goluptious. Wingceltis eats do not want to put down a chopstick. “Fast go to school, come back earlier afternoon, side father does Ci make smooth with a raking. ” Tian Ren is urging wingceltis.

When coming back dustpan was bespread in central room as expected child, the Ci that there is round circle above is made smooth with a rake. Tian Ren still is using wooden marvellous acute to grinding meal of polished glutinous rice. Grind the paste of posse group. Bit of pink is scattered above child, can hold a round circle arbitrarily but can small Ci is made smooth with a rake. Put in dustpan child bright, passed a few days to harden, can put in the in store in jar. It is OK to be returned till spring of the coming year edible, won’t mildewy.

Land add add can hear the cannon voice in dorp. Firecracker sound. New closer and closer. Tang Mo mulberry also returned the home from distance in.

Took new clothes to children, all sorts of eating. Wingceltis always stands in not close from road Sang Buyuan position, looking oneself mom up and down.

The first day of New Year, first one, sound of the first crow, tian Ren got up, kill chicken, kill duck, evaporate flesh. the fruit in the home, dish, all sorts of place deliciously put to the desk.

Day dim dim when shining, sound of a firecracker. Wingceltis awakes from inside the dream. Brother little sister also got up accordingly. Put on respective new clothes. Run to central room, already was full on the desk one desk dish. Road mulberry already sat to the side of the table. Of furnace baked wheaten cake flourishing. Children are surrounded to the side of of mulberry of road of cropland common perilla. This year the meal began. Tian Ren greatly in the bowl that drumstick places wingceltis ” spent the New Year to grow one year old again, male the biggest ” Liang Shan ” . Old people spends the New Year to be able to place drumstick to the child in the country, this calls male bridge hill. Place foot of a chicken in the bowl of road mulberry then, old people has gallinaceous foot, this cries ” the hand that pay cash ” .

After eating a meal to pass, tian Ren just takes out the money given to children as a lunar New Year gift that he prepares already, give children people in the hand, spit a small room, sitting on the leg that spit tung held him in the arms. Wingceltis climbs Tian Ren’s back. Emphatic is shaking. “Father, father, when we pay a New Year call to grandfather grandma home. “Good, good. Go a little while. ” right now, of smile of face of road Sang Man loud hum move song. “Leisurely years, be about to say in those days good bewilderment, yi Zhen, also be puzzled, unforgettable bosom ” , tian Ren follows chorally. “Who can tell me, it is right wrong still. Yi Zhen also be puzzled difficult dismiss from one’s mind. Yi Zhen also be puzzled difficult dismiss from one’s mind..

The firecracker in the courtyard rumbles, tian Ren holds spit a small room in the arms in the bosom, road mulberry is pulling pluvial phoenix tree and tung tree, wingceltis follows at the back. Had locked up the door, had waded dikes and dams, had reversed field, come in the home of grandfather grandma, the distance produced the United States, produced feeling. Grandfather grandma sees 3 children face was like a flower, “Ouch, my Hui Hui, xuan Bao went to a happy spit in the bosom, wingceltis sits to the side of the ingle of grandfather grandma, the grandfather is grabbing the little hand of wingceltis, touching her head, duan Xiang is worn.

Of the village first 2 first the 3 days that are an a married woman’s parents’ home, the husband’s family outside giving grandfather pays a New Year call, first 4 pay a New Year call to uncle home, this is the day of wingceltis and the reunion that express cousin of elder sister cousin, also be wingceltis when be being held in both hands to go up to the sky. Far coming is a guest, plunging into two lambs plait, the wingceltis that wearing new clothes is really extremely beautiful in their eye. “My wingceltis is really beautiful. “My wingceltis is really beautiful..

Every time goes, aunt people the Duan Xiang that always wants for a long time is worn wingceltis.

Good year goes first 8 when, it is Home Tian Ren in the most lively when, this prosperous, the woman family of road mulberry comes far the day that married person wishs a Happy New Year.

Tian Ren is busy not Yi Le breathes out.

He most the dish of expert, from field hit a few mice, turned him into a delicate and goluptious cooked food, when putting a table, say ” children, this is to avoid child the flesh, ” the instant, by the child the bowl clear off. Have wingceltis on the inside only, covering the laugh that the mouth chuckles.

More lively in the evening send extremely, children are surrounded into one caboodle. Wingceltis and cousin of the cousin that express elder sister people, still have pluvial phoenix tree and tung tree, pluvial a small room, it is the person of one house really.

We will play brains pole to turn: Cousin made a speech.

“Did mice see why the cat wants to run? “Did mice see why the cat wants to run??

“Should catch mouse because of the cat? ” pluvial tung is grabbed answering.

“The answer is right. ” cousin says.

The cousin that express elder sister people breath out Ha Xiao to rise

Wingceltis gives a title, guess a word ” 2 small 2 small, grass grows on the head. Grass grows on the head..

silent a little while, watch elder sister is being grabbed say ” garlic, it is garlic word “

“Oh, oh, other person reacted immediately come over.

Watch elder sister gives a title: Guess a word ” swan flies to never be answered, heart of bear in mind constantly is broken already, 2 people have a predestined relationship to encounter, two-men stands on the side of straightforward word, the heart has Lian Xinxin to be interlinked, if you are inadvertently each word flies. ” we all becomes quieter at a draught. Cousin says ” be about which respect. Cousin says ” be about which respect..

“Be affection respect. ” big list elder sister is reminding.

“Oh “

The first is ” I ” wingceltis says

The 2nd word is ” today ” pluvial tung says.

The 3rd word is ” you ” watch dot is being grabbed say.

“Oh, I knew, I knew, ” this word is ” I think you very much today. ” this word is ” I think you very much today..

2 watches elder sister cried, “Right incorrect “

“Ah, namely, namely, this word is: “Do I think you very much today? “Do I think you very much today??

Cousin cousin people chirp again was troubled by rise.

Tian Ren runs, “Bub people, slept. Or else sleeps to be thrown feed a tiger. ” ,

Laughing, noisy, saying, already arrived late night.


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