Bead shade wall closes the 27th chapter businessmen, bai Li 佛山蒲典and road mulberry

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Bead shade wall adds up to businessmen, bai Li and road mulberry

Bai Li and road mulberry this paragraph of marriage is not blessed. Bai Li owes the pig debt of the villager, search in succession come to come, at this moment road mulberry just feels he is decieved, the rich man in her eye is so owed just a little the pauper of 100 thousand debt, destiny left to her not fun. Begin a few years, road mulberry also complains acoustical rise from all directions, run away from home almost everyday, dan Baili also told a truth with her: “? I marry you to take the door, also be to see your meeting deal, I know I owed a lot of debt, encounter so able like you woman only, I believe, I still can get on debt very quickly. ” ?

Road mulberry can go to bitter water only swallow in abdomen, follow Bai Li to kill removed a pig, follow him to rise to be felt early everyday black. Thinking of is: Since Bai Li and road mulberry after marrying, his pork is bad also to sold, can sell 23 hogs formerly everyday, can sell a hog everyday now pretty good. Road mulberry sees the business is so gloomy, creditor arrives fast those a few months that spend the New Year sit every day full house, road mulberry a drivel, a tear, nowhere recounts difficulty.


Was forced to change one’s profession later, anyway the home is at the door the school, that opens restaurant, this this appearance does hotel, the appearance there makes a table tennis office, couple is young force is strong, hutch of white goosefoot palm, road mulberry receives a table, sweep the floor, wash a bowl, visit table tennis office, the deft freely that all can do, children classes are over came home, also can help. What the business of restaurant also does is prosperous, but no matter come down one year to make how many money, stay in the money of the pocket, place remnant very few, creditor people come to want debt year after year, today this, tomorrow that. Busy come busy go. It is white busy. Road mulberry resembled hitting the aubergine of frost again. She gave a bold idea, he Baili is discussing. ? Sold as this house we, still get on the money all of creditor first first. It where this time is is OK that where this time is deal. Have us two, do not be afraid that family person will be starved to death. ? White Li Ye is take case put the man that must play, agreed readily, find seller very quickly.

Wingceltis remembers selling a house that day, the house sits outside Lilili full person, will want debt. Have a bill signed in acknowledgement of debt, do not have an IOU. Count has 229 people. Noisy outside the door. ? “White ghost, or evicts that fox essence, or returns my money. ” ?

This bangs be troubled by, white Li Ye does not remember owing whose how many money, every comes to come give, gave let them go, of the one after another.

To finally a few days, the fund place surplus that sells a house very few but creditor people the person that still has half house. Each is crying outside the door: “? Bai Li, return my pig money, return my pig money. ” ?

Before dawn a bit, road mulberry, bai Li was taking children to run, wingceltis remembers special profundity, there was white moon at night that day, help the person’s reflection so that often grow, they from the farm, hill bypass escapes to a town of road mulberry a married woman’s parents’ home to be nodded as stay after.


The following day, tian Yiliang, creditor people discover the person in house goes, the villager people bang and go up, whole house in costly or it is cheap thing be grabbed and smooth. From now on, this house had new host. And Bai Li, road mulberry is taking children to live wave everywhere berth, the life that live randomly.

Every change the three unities, because can find a business that can make money,be, I answer to close in two people, you sing what I close, although the day suffers from a dot, did not have creditor, earn a minute to have a minute. Road mulberry also is satisfied to this kind of day. Color becomes better and better also. Dress up rise, walk out of, still be like in those days, same very young, very attractive, road mulberry is this wants all the time, without giving thought to her destiny how abjection, she forever? Feel she is the most marvelous, the most attractive, the ablest. This also is the place that white Li Zuixin enjoys her, the money in the home, by road mulberry canal, he from pretermission, how does the flower spend road Sang Ai. Road has more than bits of money on mulberry body, buy the clothes to oneself, buy shoe, again poor, again difficult. Her appearance is bright from beginning to end bright beautiful, go to think she is an expensive madam, this is she wants to hear most, like others to say her life is good, rich, listen more, does she still think? Be true.


She is taught a lesson before she can get on the wife that where takes to see an imposing manner is weaker then time, tell her how to should live. How should be an upright person, otherwise sits in the somebody on appearance to come to come when idle sits, she begins to recount her light is bright beautiful the history, from junior how be chased after by the man, tell how a person not Wei dangerous and difficult road enters Guangdong. Wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling, the person that takes by at this moment can show the expression that adores very much, the shoulder that patting wingceltis says, ? Hear, you should learn study more to your Mom. She is really marvelous. ? It is wingceltis often feels the hair in the heart is frowsty only, she also cannot say why, afterwards, did not think to go away yes.

But if multitude in vain,differred by, bai Li can be added accordingly close, sit by to push road mulberry, “? That is, how can I sell the house otherwise abandon the home to also want to marry you. ? ” right now, road mulberry? The expression that shows pride again says: ? “? Not be me very, you have today ah. ” ?

? Bai Li replies immediately: “? Hum is breathed out, hum is breathed out. Hum is breathed out..

? Bai Li should be of mulberry love road, since after be together with road mulberry, everyday from early busy late, burying a head to earn money, work, as to made how many money, he from pretermission. What woman is had to grow good-lookingly outside, he does not have idea to noticed more, road mulberry calls him Chao Na, he won’t day north. Call him face on the west, he won’t Chao Dong. And he previously is how inordinate, encounter road mulberry such woman, he is Sun Wu falls to Tathagata palm for nothing. Move not active also play. Looking true is, there is the content that cannot fall on the world, just be an everything has its vanquisher.


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