Vietnam is sufficient assist line of experienced belt of bishop of requirement Korea book is spat by Han intermediary into Asian cup final groove

Vietnam is sufficient assist practice of bishop of requirement Korea book takes a team to be spat by Han intermediary into Asian cup final groove reports according to foreign media Livesportasia, han intermediary ” head Er sports ” recently exposure Vietnam is sufficient assist with Korea book bishop experienced Piao Hengxu renews the contract the reason that the negotiation enters deadlock, vietnam is sufficient assist ask Piao Hengxu guides Vietnam nation group to rush into 2023 Asian cup final, such not real causes let bilater

al negotiation cannot continue. Head Er sports expresses, entering Asian cup final is complete not real cause, at present Vietnam team ranks the world merely the 97th, asia the 15th, team of Korea of Asian top class team will surely not rush into Asian cup final. Head after this article ascends Er sports, vietnam is sufficient assist the respect had a response. Vietnam is sufficient assist express, this may be bilateral the misunderstanding that causes because of Semantic Differential. Korea media is sufficient to Vietnam nevertheless assist explain not buy it, on September 15 head Er sports again dispatch assail Vietnam is sufficient assist the requirement that raises in negotiation process is impossible to come true, piao Hengxu and Vietnam are at present sufficient assist renew the contract the negoti西安夜网论坛ation had been immersed in deadlock. Vietnam is sufficient in September 2017 assist announce to invite Piao Hengxu to hold U23 team bishop concurrently to drill for Vietnam nation group, in Piao Hengxu guide below, amazingly quick of Vietnam football progress. The U-23 Asia cup at the beginning of 2018, piao Hengxu guides Vietnam U23 history of male sufficient creation carried off runner

-up. This one achievement makes Vietnam fan special hearten, piao Hengxu also became the heroic person in memory of broad Vietnam fan accordingly. Original title: Into Asian cup final? Han intermediary: ? Jiao displayed Korea of? of Luo of threshold  Mi not to take responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling


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