Asian cup ping-pong surpasses Fan Zhendong 4

Ball game of Asian cup ping-pong continued to undertake in Japanese yokohama 2019, semifinal of field of male single head, an anticipatory actin that Fan Zhendong faces Japan 15 years old wisdom and, 4 bureaus win repeatedly after be defeated by one bureau first, total score 4-1 beats rival, also be the 5th successive the 3rd rush into Asian cup final. Fan Zhendong group surpasses 3 battle to be gotten the better of completely, take a group the first enter 8 strong, 1/4 final 4-1 beats Chinese Taipei 18 years old new beautiful Lin Yun Confucianism. Semifinals, fan Zhendong’s adversary is of Japan wisdom of an anticipatory actin and. Wisdom of an anticipatory actin and group contest not enemy horse dragon is ranked the 2nd, 1/4 final 4-1 beats Korea player Li Shangzhu. Head bureau beginning, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and serve to be grabbed continuously attack procurable, before Fan Zhendong 3 board some are passive, the bureau is adverse come up to lag behind with 2-5. After Fan Zhendo东莞夜网论坛ng connects 2 minutes, receive serve early or late error, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and the forehand that bring Fan Zhendong into play adequately, fan Zhendong loses 3 minutes of 4-8 to lag behind repeatedly after 4-5.

An anticipatory actin of bureau end phase wisdom and continue to master on field active, fan Zhendong chases after minute of all up, be defeated by one bureau first with 6-11. Fan Zhendong of the 2nd bureau spreads out strike back, bureau connect 3 minutes. Wisdom of an anticipatory actin and wrestle kill contractible cent difference, fan Zhendong controls rhythm, the error that wisdom of an anticipatory actin mixes is added gradually much, fan Zhendong pulls open score once more, 8-6 late ball is grabbed attack procurable hind forehand is pulled instead take fraction, reassume recovers one bureau 3 minutes with 11-6. Bilateral fight hand-in-hand comes on the 3rd bureau, fencing Zhen Dongshao shows passivity, do not pass or bite score closely, patience and adversary deal with, in bureau exceed 8-6 instead afterwards. Wisdom of an anticipatory actin and must chase after 2 minutes repeatedly to 8 smooth. The moment of truth, fan Zhendong backhand strong begin, attack the forehand that wisdom of an anticipatory actin mixes to take fraction, an anticipatory actin after taking bureau place wisdom and serve error sends cent, fencing Zhen Donglian must win victory 3 minutes to leave one bureau again with 11-8. The 4th bureau fences Zhen Dongkai bureau is adverse, come up to lag behind with respect to 0-3 and 2-5, but live firmly very quickly situation, pull instead continuously procurable, before control lives 3 board, the 7-6 after the bureau in entering exceeds instead, force wisdom of an anticipatory actin and halt. The Fan Zhendong after time-out continues to go up minute of 9-6 is banner, nevertheless wisdom of an anticipatory actin is mixed reinforce the change that serve, must chase after 3 minutes repeatedly to 9 smooth. Wisdom of an anticipatory actin and receive serve grab after attacking out of bounds, cast the net again, fan Zhendong gets 2 minutes to precede with 11-9 triumph 3-1 again. Fan Zhendong of the 5th bureau hits more composed more, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and active error slant much, fan Zhendong leaves bureau those who obtain 5-1 is banner, complete suppress lives adversary. The Fan Zhendong after 7-2 loses 2 minutes repeatedly, after this did not give again wisdom of an anticipatory actin and any opportunities, connect so that with 11-4 4 minutes the lock gets the better of surely again bureau. Fi

nal Fan Zhendong is beaten with the total score of 4-1 wisdom of an anticipatory actin and, cup of nearly 6 Asias enters finals the 5th times, also be successive 3 enter finals, be apart from successful Wei Mian to need a victory only. Original title: Too relaxed! Condole of 4-1 of Asian cup Fan Zhendong hits an anticipatory actin the 5th times to edit into finals responsibility: Li Xiaoling


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