Asian cup: Analysis of full actual strength of country of the look up before match of Chinese VS Iran is defeated win forecast

The football game of Asian cup follows before the game is completely different, because each team undertake in the country that is his, the manner that so they treat the game and before completely different, so each player is met more exert to one’s utmost, this also is why very fan always appears what analysing the race a few error. (newest 1/4 final is opposite 4 groups a circumstance) (direct seeding of match of Chinese VS Iran) the argue that the race that we should analyse now is C武汉夜网论坛hinese football team and Iranian football team, this match is very much fan feels the actual strength of two team is more balanced, mutual between each have an advantage, so we want to analyse the victory or defeat of these two team, compare difficulty really. So small the analysis that writes everybody to have all sorts

of a few factors, friends can consult. We say Chinese group first now Chinese football team, the performance of team of our China football in current Asia cup is very actually excellent, the actual strength of the player gets strengthening apparently, especially the technology of the player such as Wu Lei progresses, bring a hope to Chinese football team, our in before field actual strength is more doughty, attack ability is very remarkable, it is an advantage of Chinese football team this bit, seize offensive to Chinese football team so, can enhance triumphal hope. The condition of Iranian football team is very stable, a characteristic with this the oldest team is very stable, won’t have the status change with too much what. Iranian football team very stable, originate their defend ability is very doughty, of this team hind defense line is quite firm, and they very be good at defending, can very easily the attack that dissolves adversary, let he turns and have an advantage. Chinese football team has been obtained during Asian cup 3 get the better of the good success that enjoys, our player does not have any problems in morale respect, the rest that passes these days, chinese football team has gained very good rest and build up strength

, welcome the challenge of adversary here so, their preparation is very actually sufficient, the individual forecasts Chinese football team to be able to be in probably begin when begin hold a dominant position, this is nodded without doubt. The country is sufficient prepare for war hammer and tongs team of football of Iran of Iranian Iran team is in the military successes of Asian cup is 3 Sheng Yiping, they are in the match more like those who rely on rigor to defend will get active right, so Iranian football team is met for certain the actual strength of sharp edge line according to Chinese football team is strong, make what answer relatively defend, so they won’t be in begin when attack first, this is not the characteristic of Iranian football team, their meeting stability defends. So on the whole these two team are attacked defend, the match is met very wonderful, chinese football team and body of Iranian football team are very strong at the same time, affirmative meeting has more intense mutual confrontation, the total capacity of Iranian football team is stronger nevertheless, iranian football team may be compared 0 or the 2 victories than obtaining the match. In the match between the Yi Zhi in the record of war history engage in a battle of Yi, will see Chinese team go up to be in ahull in the round from historical engage in a battle, chinese team is 2 get the better of 2 smooth 5 negative, male sufficient 1-0 beats the friendship contest China that winning next Iran recently had been 2009 Iran. Come this to 2019 Asian cup, the country is sufficient want rerun strong opponent of magical smash Iran, theoretic quite difficult still. The country is sufficient the opportunity that gains next Iran to enter semifinals has how old, this did not say most propbably more, oneself national him group still is clear in the heart, so is the country sufficient is the meeting hopeful? The answer also is affirmative some. The football is round, some moment gain next actual strength through special tactics far also be not on oneself impossible. This with respect to the skin in test teach the executive ability of full team member of ability and state. Outspread read: China of knockout of Asian cup 1/4 is opposite a skin in Iran say the match does not have what the look up before final of 1/4 of cup of impossible country sufficient Asia: Zheng Zhi heads wait for veteran regulation of knockout of 2019 Asias cup gives last competition the string is right a circumstance and Asian cup champion are forecasted


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