World of U18 woman ice hockey China of bright and beautiful contest gains the championship 14 years old data of individual of Fei of of young general Zhu

Beijing time on January 10, 2019 in the morning, group of B of first class of bright and beautiful contest is in world of U18 woman ice hockey England ends contention the 3rd round, chinese team 4 than team of 1 conquer Holand, obtain while group head is gotten the better of, close from the target that maintain level also one pace. This battle, zhu Fei poor in Liaozi of the 2nd secondary attack hit into one ball, she becomes state of Chinese ice hockey have in name team notch the player with the youngest record. Chinese ice hockey is the youngest data of individual of Fei of player Zhu is current contest of world bright and beautiful, chinese gr佛山夜品茶网oup goal is as before maintain level. But advanced two are opposite when a France and Norwegian group, chinese team throws 10 balls repeatedly, the situation that maintain level nots allow hopeful. Be opposite today a Holand team that actual strength comparatives, battle array of Chinese team fine tuning, fei of of Zhu of a group of forward, Liao Zifei, Li Qianhua, red of full back Cao, Ceng Youyou. Jing of king of 2 groups of forward, Zhan Huiru, Gao Ziye, full back pays Chun Yang, Liu Yuqi. Meng Lu of 3 groups of forward preciouses jade, Du Xinrui, Zhang Yuqi, full back Sun Yuting, Du Saijia. Quadruplet forward Zhang Xinru, Sun Shiqi. First match, 11 Wang Jing send clever pass, 23 Fu Chunyang hit the door to hit the target, this is Chinese team in current generation first goal of bright and beautiful contest. The 2nd, fei of 8 Zhu sends a secondary attack, help Liao Zifei be hit into Chinese team the 3rd ball. According to regulation of ice hockey competition, metropolis plan joins secondary attack and goal player notch. This day, zhu Fei has only, she also becomes the state on history of Chinese ice hockey at this point name team has notch the player with the youngest record. Zhu Fei this name, in bound of Chinese ice hockey not unfamiliar. In June 2017, association of Chinese ice hockey published list of assemble for training of an abroad choose, one part is the list of national group assemble for training of 20 people, one part is list of assemble for training of club of ice hockey of star of 62 Kunlun grand (list of national group provision) . In list of national group assemble for training, have Zhu Fei only a female player. Zhu Fei this year 14 years old, her great-grandfather is Zhu Kezhen of famous aerography home, geographical home, educationist. 5 years old of half, zhu Fei begins to practice ice hockey. Elementary school phase, zhu Fei is spent in historian elementary school. Regard one all sports as traditional renown school, historian elementary school established ice hockey group in April 2012, 2013 come to won championship of group of armour of league matches of time of school of ice hockey of Beijing middle and primary school 5 ye

ars continuously 2017. There is a female team member only in team of this ice hockey, it is Zhu Fei. 2016, team of school of elementary school of historian of delegate of Zhu Fei played invitational tournament of ice hockey of adolescent of international of cup of beacon of team of new York islander, win second place. This is the best result that domestic team obtains. Last summer, zhu Fei turns can go to Chicago mission club, the position is forward. 2022 when Beijing Olympic Winter Games, be about to year full Zhu Fei of 18 years old has an opportunity to give fight on behalf of Chinese team, this also is her dream, when 2022 when Beijing Olympic Winter Games, I hope to be able to be contended for honorarily for the country. The best achieve

ment that Chinese daughter puts on the ice is the 4th, before the hope can infiltrate on behalf of Chinese female ice 3, let a whole world know the development of Chinese ice hockey. World of ice hockey of current U18 woman group of B of first class of bright and beautiful contest, chinese team and France, Holand, Norwegian, Poland and Amphitryon England team are the same as group. World of previous term or session bright and beautiful contest, chinese team with 2 get the better of the 3 negative successes that maintain level. Current generation before bright and beautiful contest 3 rounds afterwards, chinese team 1 get the better of 2 negative, still will meet polish team and British team head-on next. Original title: U18 world 14 years old of great-granddaughter send Ke Zhen of Shou Shengzhu of female ice of China of bright and beautiful contest editor of secondary attack responsibility: Lin Xin is firm


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