Serious talk lets Xi Jinping’s secretary-general civilian battalion enterprise times get encouragement

Report will inscribe Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on November 2: Eat next sth capable of comforting sb, it is important to set his mind at to seek development practice to make the same score a secretary-general nearly the speech allows civilian battalion company times get reporter of stimulant Xinhua News Agency forum of civilian battalion industry will be held in Beijing on November 1. Xi Jinping of chairman of chairman of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, state, central the Central Military Commission published very serious talk on the meeting. I believe, want us to hold to basic economy system only, implement good party and national policy policy, civilian battalion economy can achieve greater progress certainly. Be used to makes the same score serious talk of the secretary-general nearly, have height not only, and ground connection is angry, not only straight face difficulty and problem, and put forward 6 respects to disease main act, sturdy confidence of civilian battalion business, company of stimulant civilian battalion grows. What we talk at most now is confidence we do not waver in the least en

courage, the support, policy policy that conducts development of economy of blame state ownership did not change! Any negative, suspicion, shake the words and deeds of system of our country basic economy does not accord with party and national policy policy, do not listen, do not believe! All civilian battalion enterprises and civilian battalion entrepreneur can eat next sth capable of comforting sb completely, set his mind at to plan development! Be used to makes the same score the secretary-general’s speech nearly, piece delivering firm to civilian battalion enterprise support, determined to opinion on public affairs of a few mistakes negative bright attitude. Many industries express, speaking give the decisive word of the secretary-general, very honest, also be full of warm meaning

. Sentence sentence tell us in the bottom of one’s heart of civilian battalion entrepreneur, have very strong strategical, before look up sex and directiveness, enhanced the confidence that we grow and bottom energy of life greatly, let us times feeling warmth and encouragement. Su Ning accuses a group president Zhang Jindong to say. The secretary-general thinks place of civilian battalion company thinks, be sure incentive we civilian battalion entrepreneur puts down all apprehension, an idea plans development! Chen Rongxian of president of Inc. of agriculture of power gold apple says Gansu Province fierce. Latter, enterprise of a few civilian battalion encounters many difficulty and problem in management development, appearance of entrepreneur of some civilian battalion encountered 3 big hill: The volcano of the high mountain of the iceberg of the market, financing, transition. Should admit, a few more current the difficulty that civilian battalion economy encounters is reality, quite austere even, must take ser长沙夜生活论坛iously highly. In the meantime, also want to realise, these difficulty are the problem in developing difficulty, advancement, trouble in growing, can get settlement in development certainly. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general says. Not evasive to the problem, to solving a problem with confidence, manner of this kind of genuine deal with concrete matt西安夜网论坛ers relating to work, invigorate to civilian battalion enterprise tremendous. The secretary-general says civilian battalion enterprise and civilian battalion entrepreneur are ourselves person, this word makes a person impressive, guileless and situation is difficult. Accepted theory or formulation of force of bark of chairman of bureau of director of Hua Li group, party and country understand the difficulty with civilian battalion current business in the round, the measure that offer also has specific aim very much, civilian battalion entrepreneur should retain calm power more, strengthen confidence. We what civilian battalion enterprise talks at most now is confidence. Plum of general manager of group of Fujian land harbor is promoted say, although instantly is exterior,the environment changes ceaselessly, internal competition all the more is intense, but no matter be government or enterprise, formed consensus, it is solidarity drives civilian battalion economy to do make choice by force. The issue that focuses energy to had done his retains calm power, strengthen confidence, center energy to had done his business, it is the key that we should challenge to all sorts of risks. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general says. The development of civilian battalion economy, very crucial to the development of Chinese economy. Nearly one many month comes, xi Jinping’s secretary-general has had illumination for many times to civilian battalion enterprise, mentioned a heart to not have for many times by look for focusing advocate course o西安夜品茶网f study. In speaking this, also put forward focusing industrial make choice advocate course of study, guide civilian battalion enterprise to search namely follow a path, go deep ceaselessly, go solid, go tall. Forge iron more want oneself hard. Inc. president Wang Chuanfu says Biyadi, chinese economy gets lost high quality to develop level, we also spade husbandry, without a stop, increase the investment of car of new energy resources continuously. The country is big politics guiding principle lets us do not have trouble back at home, enterprise should absorption plan development, issue great proficiency. Jilin province is general and mechanical (group) Li Jibao of president of finite liability company says, we will be mixed according to fixed target the strategy, continue layout aluminium machines car component industry. Industry undivided attention plans development, the government closes to heart and soul development. Civilian battalion economy is people on one’s own side, we should use fact of the real situation fact of silver of meaning, true gold, true action catchs help enterprise to overshoot difficulty, better progress. Beijing Sun Shuo of standing deputy warden says the city zone on the west, government won’t enterprise of sit by and watch encounters difficulty and without giving thought to. Through asking for business sentiment for many times, the city zone decides the civilian battalion enterprise of problems of pair of catenary of a few occurrence capital undertakes essence of life allows to help on the west, do not do flood flooding, esteem market rule. We want cogent the policy that has implemented development of business of supportive civilian battalion. Gu Zhao of director of revenue of two rivers new developed area says Chongqing, specific aim ground establishs a mechanism, be opposite the country the be born of the policy that reduce tax of civilian battalion enterprise, ensure policy is carried out without difference in temperature, without deviation, without fall, compress beforehand to examine and approve energetically, executive after the event is superintended, reduce civilian battalion enterprise to do tax burden. Be able to develop his skill to full in more capacious arena this year is reforming and opening 40 years. Stand on this time node, passed 40 years to arrive as a child big, from arrive infirmly strong, develop strength process ceaselessly, civilian battalion enterprise also is expecting taller, further progress. Good place of Liu Yong of president of group of new hope of no less than says, reforming and opening 40 years, if do not have party and government support en重庆夜生活论坛ergetically, with respect to the civilian battalion business that did not expand flourishingly today, without new hope group. The progress that we expect civilian battalion economy sincerely can open new structure, stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, make more contribution for the country. In building the comparatively well-off society, new journey that builds socialistic modernization nation in the round then in the round, economy of battalion of our country civilian can expand only, cannot change infirmly, cannot leave not only, and should move toward more capacious arena. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general says. Look into future, civilian battalion enterprise will be on innovation creation, be well worth doing. On 10 old markets feel climb boil dozen, make me deep experience an industry to upgrade the importance that transition, ego innovates. Yaoer of president of finite liability company says course of study of buy of Anhui Hefei people’s expectations by force, current, we are in Anhui is preliminary already choose the innovation project that invested enterprise of 10 many newly established, involve intelligence to make wait for different domain. Baidu author plum Yan Hong says, current, artificial intelligence has become economic new kinetic energy. Baidu has had many be born application in this respect at present, we can not produce oneself technology advantage further, make artificial intelligence technology is administered management, integratedly with the city better, how to prevent the domain photograph confluence such as lash-up. Wang Huayong of general manager of production limited company of Heng Xu equipment says Xi’an, the development of aught is impossible plain sailing, the development of civilian battalion economy also is same, important is, we should be brave in to face adverse circumstance, it is difficult to dare to greet and go up, take out craftsman drive, study 武汉夜品茶网the market, had done the business do strong. All civilian battalion enterprises are the person be benefited of reforming and opening, we should change the secretary-general’s address into powerful mind power, perform social duty, open the development perspective with more bright monarch ceaselessly. Zhou Haijiang of chairman of bureau of director of group of vice-chairman of Chinese folk chamber of commerce, ormosia says. Original title: Serious talk lets Xi Jinping’s secretary-general civilian battalion enterprise times suffer stimulant responsibility to edit: Zheng Lili


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