The 15th evening party on Zhang Wan

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Blood striding serious step, the fitful in the heart is acerbity. Want me to face such choice namely, want to accept the judgment of the destiny.

The uncle should marry him to a new man, but encounter a person that makes oneself enchanted again unluckily however right now.

Piece one face worries about Mom run with blood go back together, next Lin Tianci and Bai Youhui also in succession the person that comes to the front of the sitting room stares at have sth in mind vinegarily.

Blood already expect is received what should they say to oneself in, just keep silent waiting for them to challenge oneself. Lin Tianci is having one in eye eye silk is anxious with concern ask: “You this is to go which, how to come home overnight, the car still is held in the palm to send back, all things are in the car, this one night the night that where spends are you? This one night the night that where spends are you??

Blood raise bright eye to look at Lin Tianci laugh lightly, “Uncle, I just encountered minor accident yesterday, do not have a thing nevertheless, had solved, I is this well those who stand in you before? I is this well those who stand in you before??

Lin Tianci both hands strokes blood gently shoulder, double eye is in what fluctuate on her body to be looked up and down one time, did not discover what is accident, heart a little put down.

Bai Youhui fills what suspect completely to come to blood in eye eye before, slightly the eye since narrow one’s eyes is examining blood in the heart dark add: Piece does Mom say blood how wearing what dust coat goes to change a single person now? Still a moment ago thought this girl knew what rumor nevertheless, think she escaped!

Still had better give me well to stay in this nevertheless, otherwise I can find you with any methods… blood the shade firm that in seeing Bai Youhui eyes, shows.

Blood greet to reply a house a few sentences with Lin Tianci, just walked along stair, transmit Bai Youhui’s sound after one’s death. “Your uncle attends an evening party in the evening, that is the circle of person of a superstratum, distinguished personages gathers, political circles VIP, expensive helmet of rich and powerful family. Allow go without time, you follow your uncle to go experience, can not talk in disorder, give Lin blacken sb’s name. Give Lin blacken sb’s name..

Blood tick off tick off corners of the mouth to sneer, cold face continues to go upstairs. This is how, did not discuss repeatedly, come to me directly an act first and report afterwards be?

Lin Tianci look is following blood go upstairs, be anxious in the heart, dropped idea again nevertheless, think this girl as a child sensible and obedient, let her how be done how can do…

Lin Tianci lowers his head to sigh, face about also answered a room…

The one stamp that Bai Youhui enrages, dissatisfaction is shown to also go upstairs as Lin Tianci in the eyes.

Close the door, “Husband, do you cannot bear a bit heart? ” summary belt asks Bai Youhui mood spicily.

See Lin Tianci is considered oneself from wear the dress to also pay no attention to her, the facial department that Bai Youhui enrages says convulsively: “Hellion but I was become to you, how to do what see yourself. ” say, grab oneself handbag, the edge walks along an edge to say: “I can send a person to prepare formal attire to her in the evening, those who remain you are done with respect to oneself! Those who remain you are done with respect to oneself!!

Transmit subsequently close heavily sound…

Be less than 5 minutes, blood hear close again sound, before just having the door that passed oneself along with sound of pace of the rear foot, blood waiting silently, the Lin Tianci outside the door also is in waiting silently…

It is blood only hear the footstep that transmitted Lin Tianci to leave again, perhaps the uncle is returned to me some are not abandoned, not be to want such is opposite I… blood the comfort in the heart.

Lin Tianci wants to knock go in to feel that he cannot start to talk again, actually oneself also are cannot bear at the heart, after all oneself I am sorry in those days eldest brother, want again nowadays so cruel I am sorry blood, sighing heavily, the building below face about…

Blood those who sit in the mirror is looked at before dresser oneself, a forced smile in the heart, look up carrying chin to mutter one who treats sb to a meal: “Lin Xieer, more or less to suffer from you to had not eaten, what does this bit of thing calculate now, the marriage that trades nevertheless what to have alarming. Nevertheless also it doesn’t matter is bad, he can be the president of an international financial group, marry the proprietress that him past can be a financial group. Glad to nod, if this is the battle that I should face so I am accepted is, no matter what be,those who be full of smoke of gunpowder still is to be full of me painful to be accepted one by one, of the wisdom that how still needs oneself as to the result. ” blood tick off tick off bottom of eye of corners of the mouth to had delimited distain one tiny bit.

In the evening

The world rose to wash rice the spit of drop of the sound of rain, a bit dark.

Bai Youhui delivered formal attire, the thin shoulder of red of a fire wipes a bosom to grow skirt, want blood change.

“You are changed quickly, wait for your uncle to come back to receive you to go. ” said face about to go.

Blood the long skirt that looks at that fiery color, suddenly a weird smile has delimited cheek…

After a hour, park a car downstairs, be the uncle came back probably, blood before making up to sit in dresser, waiting silently.

Differ meeting knocks noise rises, blood did not rise, just answered lightly ” come in. Just answered lightly ” come in..

The door is opened, those who come is not Lin Tianci also not be Bai Youhui, however that is done not have sexual Lin Jinchen. Dress white is blue a shirt, the delicate and manual business suit that an argent Amani is outside, dress is the same as the trousers of lubricious department below, both hands inserts bag inclined lean on doorcase, there is the laugh of ruffian ruffian on the face, a pair of double eyes that color confusing confuses are fluctuating to be looked up and down back and forth on his body…

Blood those who receive celiac charm is light stand and rise, summary belt is angular however the figure that exquisite has the secret that send, each angle that kind grace is sexy, give attractive flavor fully.

This girl still is a stunner really, lin Jinchen heaves a sigh secretly. Look at blood the long skirt of dress fire red, before that bosom one pair full should lap that its red bustle is defeated it seems that like. Still have that careful waist limb, although grow skirt to cover she the body of that secret, but still can feel,come out be down as the curve, that holds out the * ministry that become warped, still have that slender beautiful leg, let saliva of Lin Jinchen fierce pharynx, brain together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one’s mind…

Blood cold face looks at Lin Jinchen then deputy indecent feels kind, the bottom of the heart sneers one blast. Oneself are his little sister, the look that sees him is about to be eaten off to oneself like, it is to help the fool that does not rise up really, home Lin some day should defeat cling to woman’s charms to go up in his hand.

Blood one is shown to sneer on the face, “Elder brother, didn’t the uncle come? Didn’t the uncle come??

“Ah… ” Lin Jinchen from blood call sound to had answered a god.

“What do you say? “What do you say??

“I say, didn’t the uncle come back? Aunty tells me the uncle comes back to receive me to attend the evening party a little while. ” blood do not know well one pair of affairs of human life ask, the back that saying to still resemble Lin Jinchen looks.

Lin Jinchen laughs suddenly, slowly to blood walked over, “Father has temporarily can want, arrive directly a little while the evening party, let me receive you first so. ” saying, lin Jinchen’s eyes still is in blood stay before the bosom even.

Blood root of small gnash one’s teeth, a light laugh is squeezed on the face, “That, we go. We go..

Say also without giving thought to Lin Jinchen, skirt of double portable move is placed went outwards.

Downstair, bai Youhui is sitting to repair her crystal fingernail on sofa, the edge repairs an edge to carry the hand looks, coarse smile is shown on the face.

Blood consider oneself from go downward.

Bai Youhui is attracted by the footstep of next buildings, slowly raise a head, see blood appear on stair to be down slowly.

Some look at Bai Youhui surprisingly come to the blood before oneself, the hand of the tool that taking manicure only is in stiff in the air, mouth can fill in go in an egg…

“Aunty, I should go out. ” say to leave with respect to face about.

Lin Jinchen gave Bai Youhui the chirp voice that one blows to applaud in an eyes mouth also as blood also went, bai Youhui still is in be enmeshed in open-eyed in…

Hearing the voice that the car starts, bai Youhui just takes two steps quickly, come to the front of French window, the farad benefit that looks at that red fleets and go…

Bai Youhui closely clench one’s fist, did not think of oneself let a clerk give those who took a formal attire to give this girl to wear actually casually so line system and sex appeal. It may not be a bad idea, hope she can enchant severe grand day thoroughly, otherwise… sinister Li Guang was shown in double eye of Bai Youhui…


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