The 61st of Zhang Xieer entreat

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Some person lifetime come down to be destined to want to dance, both hands, the eyes, attitude is destined to be existence for dancing only. This word still just is in it seems that very complete appearance is worn blood, but this word is not blood now not belong to, the person that be not professional dance because of her but the dance spirit that she had person of distinctive be awed however.

Blood light laugh is worn, eye eye looks to that camera lens, there is an intent flavour in the double eye of beautiful charm provoke, blood oneself are looked at before knowing severe grand day is sitting in camera lens right now, no matter he identifies himself, but does if should next he say, he have what kind of reaction can you have? Blood the wants to know severe grand day reaction that considering some too impatient to wait.

“Waving a miracle this with respect to what financial group of severe like this family name holds is same, severe president is to want to lend the becomes fine public house conduct propaganda with this better chance the job, thereby the better cooperative cause that extends a hotel. ” blood carry corners of the mouth, the orthoptic scene with none cowardly with nothing left is shown in eye eye.

An Na is in camera lens here listening to blood if, see the response of severe grand day next, next some of furious hunger says: “She what is this to do? “She what is this to do??

Severe grand day did not talk is condensation only move the face is letting she continues to say.

“The person that has ulterior motives of course still has me of course, ” blood strong camera lens is blinked piquantly blink.

Severe grand day looks at blood petty action eye ground has wiped a bit smile.

Blood seemed what to remember suddenly like, had turned the head looks at compere to ask: “Can be the bonus of the match gotten now? “Can be the bonus of the match gotten now??

Compere is a little slow-witted be stupefied, this girl is too common, raise money now actually, can be the hollow laugh that feels embarrassed again before person face compere of so much two. ” yes, 2 million, with the qualification that has the dance house with severe subordinate family name. “What compere says is a little helpless.

The person below the stage also is in steal steal murmurous, eristic reputation is bigger and bigger.

The: of reporter caution query that annulus signs up for?

Blood organs head chuckle next orthoptic camera lens says faintly: “For a few lovely baby. “For a few lovely baby..

Day of the Yan Hao before camera lens blinks evil spirit eye gently, she is abrupt from blood eye eye was pleasant to the eye to entreat. ?

Blood lowered a manner, lose the dash that a moment ago provoked then to taking to entreat, “Draw near another appropriate of Hua Mingshan has a cathedral on Yang Shan, there are a flock of lovely babies inside cathedral, he is be a few give birth to forsaken child from, the nun of face of the underside of a quilt is foster, baby people what be taught is very good, very happy also, although do not have the love of parents and family member, but they still have the brotherly sister in cathedral, they learn together each other, frolic, have a meal, take care of each other, give aid to each other. ” blood saying faintly, what there is softness in eye eye is smooth, “They know they are what kind of place, so mutual together very what try hard hard is living, as long as living already very good never go extravagant hopes what; While what but who can understand they are in,try hard is living, rushed into a flock of black clothes people suddenly one day, tell them this cathedral has been sold bloodily should be changed to go vacationing village, has what who sees those children are innocent smiling expression is stiff on the face the fear when, wanted to lose the home again really? Nice not easy gift has such simple, insipid home, should be lost again? They ought innocent joy, of carefree happiness is be brought up? When but become,light day of a piece of Zhang Zhi shows a kind of fear to stand before you on true face, tell you, we should do not have the home again, daydream even twining in the fear that be planted by this, is this them behoove faces? ” actor rice organs below look at blood deeply, on the face with excited appreciably, had floated in double eye had water fog, the shakily with the small not use too much force of the centre of the palm, actor rice of one mind aches extend a hand to bar a blood shoulder, the iciness that feels she goes up personally and asp.

Severe grand day still sits on sofa to keep silent, the blood with the cadaverous complexion before looking at camera lens, those who fall boil on the face a teardrop, the bottom of the heart is ineffable quiver.

The person below the stage is in in a low voice who buys this eristic land. Abrupt someone said below the stage, “Be like this is before paragraph a project that time contest mark meets is left unexpectedly by enterprise of severe family name.

“I understand this is the businessman’s interest, but can father in order to be entreated president, can give those poor children in order to be in a few time, new home is found to continue to stay over before in them. Because they are orphan,do not become before monetary interest good for nothing, the place that they once lived is not only over there, there is innocent childishness over there, have the warmth that gives aid to each other, have the warmth that belongs to the home. Do not know severe president can experience the sort of losing hard-earned and the mood of exclusive home, experience the sort of feeling that loses all dear ones; Have individual have sb in one’s care not easily very much you, what you are about hard is living, very of effort living, although but there still is good dream in the heart,do not have all good lives, feel to want only in those days living already very good, as long as living can stand by towards oneself dream a bit. It is OK that so I entreat severe president to live over before they find new home? It is OK that so I entreat severe president to live over before they find new home??

Before severe grand day looks at camera lens, blood the look that entreats then, entreat clearly, what there is a feeling to be the same as experience in eye eye is aching, severe grand day panted gently, eye ground thrill through compromises one tiny bit; An Na looks at Yan Hao the day is a little vinegary, also do not have feeling utter sth, some are malcontent in the heart, this woman is really audacious still use up provoke to Yan Hao day avowedly like that.

Strict and same red station looks at blood below the stage, in the heart one aches, you are wanting how to strive for happiness for others only, but how be oneself be but how be oneself,striven for?

The audience below each commissioner and stage is in steal steal murmurous, some audiences also poured out of tear, everybody is discussed in heat, how should severe grand day respond to this thing, can give those children time…

Blood in the bosom in actor rice gradually be pacified mood, go from the bosom of actor rice, from a piece of bank goes out to get stuck with forefinger and middle finger clip before the bosom, had done not have in eye eye a moment ago distressed, the laugh that is Leng Yan only is worn look at camera lens, give bank card to compere before, “Still ask compere to help in waiting to collect the premium of the match to this Zhang Yinhang to get stuck. ” compere has received blood the bank in the hand gets stuck, laughing to say: “Look this player already within one’s grasp of confidence in victory, bank card is already ready. Bank card is already ready..

Blood elegant laugh wears say faintly: “Because I believe a destiny,can stand in me this at the same time. “Because I believe a destiny,can stand in me this at the same time..

Compere saw bank card, light frown asks: “This is card of fund of church of love of a piece of emperor, are you to want to relinquish stake to that cathedral? Are you to want to relinquish stake to that cathedral??

“Yes, right. ” blood turn the head sees the actor rice beside appreciate laugh, “I and my dancing partner just comes for that money, because should help those children,building one office new home. ” blood carry Liu Mei to look at camera lens to say: “If severe president is touched by my word, can adding a few at the back of that money 0, this also was to help those children, also can better make this propaganda effect. Also can better make this propaganda effect..

Severe grand day looks at blood that ill-affected appearance in water eye, eye ground passes by a bit smile. She is really brave still, it is actually above this fall to oneself set, speak oneself purpose, if oneself are not contributed, oneself the president of this one financial group is unnatural, did not sympathize with a heart, forcing him give in gives them time Gai Xinjia even, want to wait for on several months again so. Does she know not to know these a few months makes severe family name little how many money earn again? Severe grand day sneers one blast, rise bade An Na: “About that church all data are taken. “About that church all data are taken..

“Yes, ” An Na goes out immediately.

An Na walks along severe grand day to carry again the blood before eye looks at camera lens, brows is knitted closely, fall to bottom mask who are you? Lin Tianci’s daughter? Of cannot help laughing of severe grand day shake shake one’s head.

Ai Rui dare believe scarcely look at the blood before, “You are angel, because you have the heart like angel, although but I believe your right now appearance,do not have the face that sees you already can compares beautiful angel, bless you. Bless you..

On actor rice before grasp blood gently the hand one kiss in labial edge tenderness, in deep feeling look at her, he by blood moved, was moved by her goodness. Because a moment ago oneself felt her that is excited and flimsy heart really, she closely the hand that holding oneself, have helpless, have fear, have do not abandon. Actor rice looks at blood the not dry tear stains on the face, she is willing to expose what accept everybody before camera lens to suspicious for those children still have admiration with understanding.

“Baby, our express one’s thanks to “

Blood nod, mix next actor rice bow one’s thanks, preparative face about leaves.

With nothing left of eye of Luo Mo eye shines, urgent also move toward tiring-room, that suspicion in him heart should be announced.

Actor rice is drawing blood gently shoulder, go between the makeup of backstage, mi Qi and staff member been waitinging.

“Boss, snow young lady, you are very marvellous. ” there still is not dry tear stains on face of rice fine jade some look at blood excitedly say.

Suddenly another sound rearward rings ” wait. Suddenly another sound rearward rings ” wait..

Actor rice hears sound eye light to shine, to blood say: “You go in first, I encountered acquaintance. I encountered acquaintance..

Blood nod, he Miqi goes in together.

Actor rice is laughing at face about, the station that looks at contented of grace of Mo Na of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces smiles to oneself over, he also the laugh of understanding, before walking up, embrace with Luo Mo. Luo Mo and actor rice are best friend holds working associate concurrently, y country is royal the partner of association, the adviser of house of dance of group of severe family name and oneself cut consult and communication each other together; The after patting those who pat Luo Mo back with actor kind rice pretends to be disappointed ” still be recognized by you.

“How can you come back not to inform me, and still appear to let me identify you with this kind of means here, really surprizing. Really surprizing..

The light of eye of loose actor rice that Luomolue feels surprizing is on his face be on the move, still dare not believe a little.

“Tell me, is your dancing partner how to return a responsibility? ” Luo Mo is Y compatriots, that is the country that is romance, his girl to this M country is curious very, no matter be person or her dancing,was full of curiosity.

Is actor rice laughing to carry eyebrow to look at Luo Mo ” are because identify me,you and glad? Is your curiosity to be on my dancing partner? ” actor rice is a little disappointed.

Oneself realise on Luomoma nohow busy explanation ” NO, NO, you listen to actor rice I say, you are a surprise of course to me, don’t but is that your dancing partner very surprizing really,you feel? ” the Luo Mo’s a little anxious eye eye that blinking blue is explaining.

Actor rice laughs suddenly, “You also so feel? “You also so feel??

Luo Mo nods sturdily in the eyes.

Actor rice bars the shoulder of actor rice, toward make up go ” go, I bring your experience this special girl. I bring your experience this special girl..

Blood the sits down to see severe dress sets upright stripe white shirt of firm exhaustion, business suit pants of black appears in oneself before, blood suddenly a word also says not to come out.

Look at blood strictly look at oneself not to say to give a word with excited eye eye, biting labium closely, tear slippery come down, see only strict when oneself do an individual metropolis debus mask, without camouflage, because have him only,just know oneself.

Strict heart aches, she is looked at in what feel distressed, move toward what she feels distressed urgently to ask: “You do not talk, you should nod only and shake your head it is good to will answer me, how, uncomfortable, does cut ache? ” look strictly to blood the cut on the arm, answer on aureate steamer classics by blood soak, the socket of eye of strict small red have sth in mind, the horizontal stroke holds a blood in the arms go outwards. Actor rice and Luo Mo come in to see holding blood in the arms strictly of the stride go outside, actor rice complexion becomes loose on Luo Mo before, look at strict. “How to return a responsibility, snow how? Snow how??

Strict cold face actors or actress without manage rice goes to hotel entrance, blood shut the audition with silent have sth in mind to wear firm palpitant tone is so strong, feeling letting a person is warm.


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