Part 78

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Bend sound just sufferred dot minor injury.

Yan Rushuang is feeling bend sound to return a little swollen face, some feel distressed. “Little news, still do not ache? ” ” do not ache. ” bend sound still still is laughing, eating a fruit attentively.

Look at bend sound this appearance, yan Rushuang can’ts help associating to Yan Ting.

Also do not know them how…

Return a room in, yan Rushuang always feels the be agitated in the heart. She opens computer again, contacted very long the person that had not seen.


After be not accused from Yan Rushuang and be being fastened, leng Hanxi also disappeared for some time. But today, it is a blazing day.

Before paragraph the word that time has uttered cold home to want to kiss with Tong Jiading, now day early in the morning, preparing today’s celebration.

Do not have Leng Hanxi’s message all the time, dan Gongfei as before toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself is laughing to greet a visitor with Leng Hanxi’s parents.

Of course, little not gesticulate.

Leng Hanxi does not appear all the time, when proper Gong Fei plans what to say, he just from the doorway slowly of leisurely go.

Leng Chen hopes to fire cannot be sent, considering the range before so much person, also cannot lose this individual to cold home.

Leng Hanxi looks not to see Gong Fei, had taken her the microphone beside, mood is cool. “Today’s celebration cancels, from today in the future, I follow Gong Fei, be without association. Be without association..

This word, jing everybody. The palace of nothing is more… than that astonishs most poors. “Your what meaning? For… why? ” mood shakily, dare not believe indeed.

“Why? ” Leng Hanxi is repeating, immediately sneers. “I want outside hearsay to be engaged with a thousand pieces of gold of child home, you do not pass one Tong Hongxi is outer bastard female, do you match? Do you match??

“… ” ” still have. ” Leng Hanxi face about comes orthoptic Gong Fei, the eyes is sharp. “What has yourself done is check the number done not have in the heart? does by you such person still want to become cold wife? Daydream! Daydream!!

“You! ” Gong Fei be ashamed into anger, carry the hand wants to hit Leng Hanxi. Leng Hanxi holds her artifice, swung at the same time.

Before going up, Tong Hongxi is helping Gong Fei up, mood vicissitudes of life. “What meaning are you after all? Your this word, be after all in humiliate who? Be after all in humiliate who??

“Taking your kind kind father form sick person. ” say honest Leng Hanxi all the time look do not go up Tong Hongxi. The thing that produce is much, he is more cheesed this individual.

“Shut up you. ” Leng Chen hopes to be driven beyond forbearance, gave Leng Hanxi spank. After be being hit, leng Chen hopes to lay regretting idea with respect to the heart.

“Ah. ” Leng Hanxi sneers, “Pa, I still respect you pa. Today I so tell you, I marry her impossibly, all one’s life impossible. That gives future the necklace of cold madam, I had given small frost a few years ago, so I won’t marry other people. Be like you if only the door that Gong Fei takes cold home, you can with second birth height child oneself perhaps married her, satisfy your desire! Satisfy your desire!!

Say, leng Hanxi head also does not answer leave.

The Leng Chen that leaves the within an inch of that is enraged by Leng Hanxi to faint hopes and the palace with heart ash cold meaning poors.

Character Li and character graceful know what Leng Hanxi does, although some have the interest of melon but express to admire in succession.

“Although Leng Hanxi not how appearance, but those words that he says… hum, brave man! ” Yan Ting is those words that admire Leng Hanxi to say very, can’t help some pick up the good impression to him again.

“Went. ” character Li is many normal, nevertheless he says to leave future the necklace of cold madam, if Yan Rushuang giving a few years ago, moved really she.

Leng Hanxi wants to marry Yan Rushuang all the time, but the arrangement that also does not escape always however to cross a destiny.

Think of Yan Rushuang, character Li has some of lose, also do not know her how. Transmitting at this moment knock sound, after graceful opens the door, whole person stays over.

“You… you… who do you look for? ” Yan Ting is very open-eyed, character Li sees Yan Ting stands over to do not hav[……]


Part 26

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Look at Yan Rushuang’s a little awkward smile, leng Hanxi humor is very good, of light tone say: “Be at ease, you can be my person sooner or later. You can be my person sooner or later..

Yan Rushuang: “. . . . . . ..

This ineffable self-assurance that who gives you be?

After going back, yan Rushuang is like was to remember what is same, she has called character Li He Yanting, ask lightly: “You become aware do not feel, does Ling Zihan follow a family name to resemble particularly? Does Ling Zihan follow a family name to resemble particularly??

Yan Rushuang ever had been recollected carefully, ling Zihan’s expression includes bearing of a few words and deeds to follow the phase with special family name to resemble.


Just as one would expect, that says to go trip that has said before Ling Zichen, with respect to a day after basketball game.

The school organizes a small country, call it by a good name of experiences the life.

Yan Rushuang sits in the school to hire the bus car that come to go up, look at the scenery of the thrill through outside the window, there is a kind of strange feeling in the heart. Want to feel some are acid unexpectedly.

After reaching destination, everybody can’ts help plainting: Still be small country really!

A before looking at an eye a big hill, one flickering is flat-roofed hut, feeling of character eat frost returns pretty kind.

Listen to Ling Zichen to say, 15 classes can have second year in high school different place to go. And final camping site, it is a distance here is not too far on a big clearing.

Character Li likes rural atmosphere really actually, especially other and clean, without such in that way like the place that she lives din, staying always is ineffable feeling is loosened here.

Will tell by the truth, yan Rushuang follows Leng Hanxi is not a class, the place that goes so and tourist guide are not a person. But become a few ” crasher ” when the class that comes to them, yan Rushuang thinks of suddenly once she has said to Leng Hanxi developed shameless acme.

But. . . . . . Gong Fei?

Glare of ground of firm of palace humble firm a Yan Rushuang, go to La Bing artful beside with Ouyang Xialan.

Yan Rushuang’s low laugh, she carries eye looks to keep back to Leng Hanxi smile, “Leng Hanxi, do you just see Gong Fei wanted to take the person’s view then? Do you just see Gong Fei wanted to take the person’s view then??

Inspect with character Li and character graceful photograph laugh, 3 people caught up with the team in front, a bit is not at the back of the canal in wind 3 messy schoolboys.

Leng Hanxi raises eyebrow, sunlight of signal a surname triumphant before going up rapidly. That day, a surname sunlight triumphant had shared oneself opinion two people, two people indicate exceeding approval.

The Guan You on at that time returns special provoke said: “Triumphant, if you chased after character Li really,I give you to look with respect to the graceful that pursue talk! If you chased after character Li really,I give you to look with respect to the graceful that pursue talk!!

And to going up this word of Guan You, leng Hanxi is to agree exceedingly more.

Can one-time the major issue that resolved two his brother, why to agree?

Think consider is worn, emerge gradually on Leng Hanxi’s face a smile like a aunt.

3 tourist guide is heading second year in high school a class and a few foreign visitors come in a tea garden. Look at before this is become piece become a fresh green, what the mood can’ts help became good rise.

“Tea traceable China, help advance somebody’s career the history already had more than 3000 years, it is the mankind one of 3 big drink. Drink tea those who benefit a person is healthy, its main effect is: Excited solution tired, diuresis is bright eye, alexipharmic stop thirsty, disappear is fed go be bored with, beneficial is thought of sleep less, counteractive consenescence. Su Dongpo of Song Dai’s great poet has experience greatly ‘ the person cannot not have tea one day ‘ , domestic Yu Remu weighs famous dietetics ‘ tea is the best drink that nature offers the mankind ‘ . . . . . . ” the tourist guide returns what advanced look unfamiliar moves to explaining.

What Yan Rushuang listens is serious, there still still are a few waters on the tea tree beside, the illuminate that passes sunshine also is set off move tea color more em[……]


Part 28

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Yan Rushuang feels, it is OK that some things arrive opportunely unluckily.

Chela of character of He Bu the first month just said to be able to become an exercitation teacher, the rear foot their mathematical teacher must ask for leave small long because of individual reason.

After character of the first month hears of He Bu, brow is carried, of excitedly run to the headmaster’s study to go ” report ” .

Result, the president still allowed really.

Yan Rushuang: “. . . . . . ” actually she wants to say character of He Bu the first month suits to teach sports.

And, character of He Bu the first month just did the business of exercitation teacher, was known by a few students in her class, also shouting to let character of He Bu the first month attend the meal bureau in the evening.

Of a flock of girls of cannot sustain of He Bu Meng Yan invite, agreed. Yan Rushuang thinks of secretly in the heart: What makes enrol cannot sustain, this fellow, want to meal bureau has him absolutely only!


Eat frost does not know character why to can hold this large party, but look at that time Leng Hanxi and character of He Bu the first month two people, if she does not reckon true meeting gives bit of what job.

But, arrived when her after the place, regretted suddenly in the heart.

Do not say they are chosen first was in bar, see character of He Bu the first month chat with this group of girls hey appearance, be to ought not to take him to come to the school really.

Character of He Bu the first month, arriving as a child is old people mouth mostly in that ” the child of others home ” . Because of certain reason, show the maturity that went out not to belong to him as a child sedate, after be acquainted from Yan Rushuang and him, he takes care of Yan Rushuang all the time, what won’t accord with the thing of custom.

Yan Rushuang looks at the face of character of He Bu the first month, think of he is common again frosty appearance, retry the one’s financial condition at the moment that thinks him saw today his appearance, he. . . . . . Why is face put?

Yan Rushuang finds his small group, with oneself the person of the class sits in together. She is looking at the one caboodle alcoholic drink that placing on the table, look like degree quite tall ah. . . . . .

She already very long did not drink, in case wait for meet them fill her wine, did she become drunk make fun of wine mad how to do?

They are playing game, also pulling Yan Rushuang to be participated in together. It is that plays not the open-armed word of be bored with takes a risk greatly, yan Rushuang is helpless, also it doesn’t matter is alarming.

Appear today the meaning that whats are inferior to Yan Rushuang, the first she was defeated.

A schoolgirl is taking smile to ask rapidly: “Is open-armed word still big risk? The which word that does not choose should drink 3 cups of wine! The which word that does not choose should drink 3 cups of wine!!

3 cups of spirits go down to estimate easier conventional phrases, yan Rushuang’s helpless laugh, say: “I still choose open-armed word. “I still choose open-armed word..

Because character Li and character graceful never mind are good,ask, the opportunity left 3 people that can make trouble most in common class. Before beginning to quiz, ling Zichen is meaningful still say: “The problem wants quick answer, cannot think! Cannot think!!

“The thing of what insanity had done? “The thing of what insanity had done??

“Without. ” the thing that people looks particularly crazy, yan Rushuang should be trifles only, the thing that does insanity calculates in her heart, she still was not done.

“Hear to the red of you and the chairman that send in the school, are you what to attitude maintaining? Are you what to attitude maintaining??

“Be indifferent to. ” it is to be indifferent to really.

“Chairman already the attitude is very specific, that you? You are right chairman, what idea be? What idea be??

“Other people is quite good. ” be truly thinking really spoke this word. Yan Rushuang also understands slightly, they this is the word that covers him in what covert.

After answer of character eat frost gives this word, feel apparently beside a few schoolgirls see her expression change.

The 2nd, ling Zichen is defeated. Same, of the choice is open-armed word.

“Monitor, have[……]


Part 27

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Camping site is really on a clearing.

After waiting for everybody to pitch good tent, already very late.

After Yan Rushuang is adjusted, did not rest directly, will to a hill that just passes sit however. Look at the star that be all over the sky, the mood is complex.

Leng Hanxi stands soundlessly in Yan Rushuang’s backside, look at Yan Rushuang’s back, smile.

Weather is good, the humor is good, dou Ting is good.


Played one day half hind, all member returned the school.

Just reached the school, yan Rushuang received an information. Content is: “Afternoon at 3 o’clock, come to the airport receive me, if little girl dare not come, waiting to me! If little girl dare not come, waiting to me!!

Yan Rushuang is interrogative very, the message that who sends to her is this?

But, the mood of this conversation, arriving is be familiar with ineffably. . . . . .

Afternoon two, the airport.

Yan Rushuang shifted to an earlier date ten minutes to come to the airport, she is thinking all the time on the road that come, what what acquaintance went abroad or what acquaintance went abroad or come back today does she have after all?

After spending period of time probably, go from airport doorway a schoolboy. Those who dress up is frivolous, resembling is to waiting for a person.

Eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one’s eyes of character eat frost observes that schoolboy carefully, feel true look familiar. That schoolboy is like is the look that noticed Yan Rushuang, also the look back on is worn she.

When the look opposite that momently, raise of character eat frost a smile.

“Character of He Bu the first month! “Character of He Bu the first month!!

Character of He Bu the first month also was to identify Yan Rushuang, those who pulling oneself boot to walk along Yan Rushuang before. He extends a hand to touch Yan Rushuang’s head, joking path: “Frost, so long did not see you or did not grow ah! So long did not see you or did not grow ah!!

Yan Rushuang destroys his hand, cold-shoulder say: “Hello, go out so long still follow previously an appearance! Did not change, owe dozen! Owe dozen!!

Character of the first month laughs at He Bu, the very natural hand that use sheet hugs Yan Rushuang’s shoulder, “The first day comes back today, so you should ask me to have a meal! So you should ask me to have a meal!!

Yan Rushuang looks at him to take the hand on him shoulder, very those who cold-shoulder put away, beat character of He Bu the first month with the hand, “Leave it at that you! I have a meal without that leisure and you, I still must answer the school. I still must answer the school..

“Answer the school? ” character of He Bu the first month raises eyebrow, be doubt very ask: “Why do you answer the school even? Are you early graduated? Are you early graduated??

Yan Rushuang saw him frostily, character of He Bu the first month understands at once, immediately compensate a smiling face, “Oh ~ went, I knew. Where is your school? I go back together with you, conveniently learns to learn. Conveniently learns to learn..

“Learn? ” this be turn for Yan Rushuang to raise eyebrow, she uses the eyes fluctuation fling that look up and down character of He Bu the first month, mood is a little derisive: “Character of He Bu the first month, should you be those who carrying id card? Are you how old? You 21 good! Do you go what does a high school do? Do you go what does a high school do??

The talk of the first month of eyes He Bu that follows Yan Rushuang also oneself looked oneself up and down, the problem that feels never mind is great. “This how? Is age my fault greatly? Said again, do I compare are you big 3 years old two? The student is not become, I can become an exercitation teacher! I can become an exercitation teacher!!

Yan Rushuang: “. . . . . . ..

Understand the person of character of He Bu the first month to know, he is special the person that has deep love for ancient enginery. Yan Rushuang’s at hand is basic be normal training, and the at hand of character of He Bu the first month. . . . . .

Want to there is the look of the sword when he trains, think he is taking chalk single-handed again, another hand is taking the look of textbook. . . . . .

Yan Rushuang expresses, the picture is too beautiful dare not imagine really.

But still be unable to dissuade[……]


Part 24

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Yan Rushuang and the thing of palace humble match lifted billows again.

And the video that day also is pass unusual fervent, had seen the person of this paragraph of video for the most part, can say these a few words:

“I go! The skill of original Yan Rushuang so good! Really fierce! Really fierce!!

“Right, this ability is real be modest about one’s skill! This ability is real be modest about one’s skill!!

“It is namely! See Gong Fei be in usually outfit is great-hearted, still had a deficit she is the president of taekwondo mass organizations! Still had a deficit she is the president of taekwondo mass organizations!!

A variety of speech, make Gong Fei lost face.

Him Ru Shuang is like is to did not suffer an any effects, but be clear about in her heart, the get about of this paragraph of video proved she is not Everyman at all. Natural, also suspect with respect to what can suffer a lot of people.

It is to let her headache very.


Character Li had asked for leave, today just is on the weekend.

Early morning, the room door that Yan Rushuang pushs character Li sees a person takes character Li on the balcony to syare blankly. Yan Rushuang can’ts help curious, since a surname sunlight triumphant after going that day, this child syares blankly easily all the time, what to produce after all?

Yan Ting follows in back to carrying one pannikin fruit, she looks at Yan Rushuang to stand continuously over continuously, saw bemused character Li again, light tone asks: “Frost, do you say small Li is this how? A surname sunlight triumphant that day, what to say with her after all? What to say with her after all??

Yan Rushuang raises eyebrow, took word sit down on Li. Yan Ting casts aside twitch one’s mouth, sit to across. 3 people around move table, one person is occupied by force at the same time.

Character Li carries eye saw two people, did not start to talk. Yan Ting sees Yan Rushuang, be like is not to know to talk with what kind of means.

“Hum. . . ” character eatas surname frost desire character stops again, still asked a normaller question, “Small Li, your how be hurt? Your how be hurt??

Character Li is moved wrapping up the foot of gauze, mood says lightly: “Do not have a thing. ” saw two people with despised eye then, again say: “Do not have what important matter originally, spoffish! Spoffish!!

Character Li thinks of two individual laugh became that kind in the evening that day, gas does not make one part.

Yan Ting is bearing his smile by force, turn the fruit before character Li gently before, ask curiously: “Small Li, that day a surname sunlight triumphant what to say with you? After he went, you often syare blankly. You often syare blankly..

“Be? ” character Li ask in reply, be like is bemused without him feeling. “Be! ” all with one voice.

“Oh — ” character Li takes a small fruit before, expressionless a place of strategic importance reachs the range in the mouth, say lightly: “It doesn’t matter. It is he says he wants to chase after me. It is he says he wants to chase after me..

“Cough cough! ” Yan Ting feels her by saliva choke, do not have delay to cross interest to come a long time very much. “What plaything? ? A surname sunlight triumphant. . . Should chase after you? Should chase after you??

Character Li gave her a supercilious look, nod.

Yan Ting showed a meaningful smile very quickly, “Two my good Chinese cabbage! By Leng Hanxi arch, by a surname sunlight triumphant arch. . . ..

Just said, character Li came to Yan Ting’s head spank.

Shoot a glance at of character eat frost a Yan Ting that knitting brows, strike back lightly: “Yan Ting, you can be gotten on very quickly Guan You gives cup one hand in the other before the chest. . . . . . ..

Leng Hanxi: “Atishoo! “Atishoo!!

A surname sunlight triumphant: “Atishoo! “Atishoo!!

Go up Guan You: “Atishoo! “Atishoo!!

. . . . . .

When Yan Rushuang comes to the school again, on the table that discovers oneself and inside desk hole, was gotten on by full a place of strategic importance snacks and one caboodle love letter.

She stands in corridor, sitting also is not sitting also is not. She takes one caboodle love letter with the hand, the envelope is quite chic still! Nevertheless she does not want to know content wants to did not think direct all tra[……]


Part 4

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Yan Rushuang raises a head to come, discover the monitor stands before her, one face looks at him anxiously: “Yan Rushuang, don’t you have a thing? I see you complexion is a little white. I see you complexion is a little white..

Yan Rushuang shakes shake one’s head, answer the smile that comforts with, say: “I do not have a thing. Monitor, what thing is there? What thing is there??

“Oh, I am to you 3 send some review a data. ” the monitor is taken out one big crowded examination paper and a few data books put in Yan Rushuang before, “The school before I listen to a classmate to say you and our plan is different, although you come around activity of this paragraph of time is much, but the exam is much also. But the exam is much also..

“Ah, that thanks a monitor! ” Yan Ting runs from back, took the thick data on the table, turned over a few pages, tone is light.

The monitor shakes shake one’s head, the path with a little helpless mood: “Yan Ting, how are you returned so can relaxed ah? I said, although activity of this paragraph of time is much but the exam is much also, can take an exam largely once immediately, can you assure to you can study a good result? Can you assure to you can study a good result??

Data of Yan Ting general is put in the character Li hand toward the side, say with a little ill-affected mood: “How monitor, your look down upon we ah? You are looked at, take an exam this the result that I give you to take an examination of an unexpected absolutely lets you look at with new eyes! Take an exam this the result that I give you to take an examination of an unexpected absolutely lets you look at with new eyes!!

“Well good. ” the monitor stands up, laugh a little helplessly to Yan Ting, “Then I wish you succeeded. I still have other issues, foregone. Foregone..

After waiting for a monitor to give classroom door, yan Rushuang sees Xiang Yan Li, the mood that uses the Eight Diagrams says: “Small Li, do you feel the monitor treats small graceful special different ah? Do you feel the monitor treats small graceful special different ah??

Character Li was looked up and down on the side the Yan Ting of unconscious circle, nod, say with positive tone: “Yes. And I feel, monitor and we are small graceful is special match. Monitor and we are small graceful is special match..

“Character Li, your what eye! Where to match! ” Yan Ting is said some feel embarrassed, refute at once.

Yan Rushuang also path of chime in with others: “Hum! I also so feel. Monitor a schoolboy with special particularly exquisite tenderness, and small graceful, lively and optimistic, as it happens is formed complementary! As it happens is formed complementary!!

What Yan Ting is said is a little helpless, do the shape that support the specified number to shake one’s head: “I am the eye that does not have method to comment on both of you really. Really! I did not attend class playing a part, I answer a dormitory! Do obeisance to! Do obeisance to!!

Say face about to leave, the back that frost and character Li eata surname to look at her to leave just laughs relatively.

Bestow favor on be addicted to and helpless smile.

At this moment, yan Rushuang sees hand of Xiang Yan Li review a data mediumly, bad say badly: “That. . . . . . Small Li, I know you are academic, so this monitor gives review a data you are staying to use with respect to oneself! So this monitor gives review a data you are staying to use with respect to oneself!!

Say to bend over directly, see character Li no longer muddled the expression that force, be in however in the heart secretly titter.

Yan Ting still returned a dormitory really, the plan that Yan Rushuang and character graceful say to josh laughs in the evening answers a dormitory together, saw the Gu Mo that the station issues in the tree in dormitory doorway however.

Yan Rushuang packed up the smile on the face immediately, gu Mo also saw Yan Rushuang two people, before walking up decisively, say: “Yan Rushuang, are you available? I want to look for you to chat. I want to look for you to chat..

Character Li sees the eye to Gu Mo very bad, mood nature also is not good at: “Gu Mo, you do not look now when. Doesn’t schoolboy dormitory close? Doesn’t schoolboy dormitory close??

Yan Rushuang plays the hand of the Li that play character, she does not want signal so say. “Good, small Li you go back first. I come back a little while. ” say to leave together with Gu Mo.

Li did not go back immediately, the station th[……]


The 325th Zhang Xieer takes up the post of president of group of severe family name

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2574 words, update at: 2020-05-01 15:08

“Came, came… ” the reporter that knowing is that sharp-eyed is looked at slowly sail the when protecting nimble of a black that come. A flock of reporters come in great numbers immediately, security personnel is maintaining the order in the crowd.

Blood sit in the car to saying energy of life tensely, what intense rate thinks than oneself far is even big, sweat is on the hand that holding steering wheel wet.

The Bai Chali that gets off from the back gives blood before engrave open the door, blood look at the Bai Chadan outside the car weak laugh, single hand is helping the hand of white tea up, stride big long leg, black high-heeled shoes walks firmly on the ground to rectify an individual to get off slowly.

The reporter takes a picture in succession, broad shines ceaselessly…

Blood a black hair hangs down in very straight hind back, there is light makeup look on fine face, some are elegant between forehead and a little mysterious melancholy, corners of the mouth is hanging the radian that smile a thin smile to return a little tall cold scorn; There is a sweet Nai on the body white small suit is fine and concave and convex those who the figure that send is drawn the outline of is perfect, be issued by the high-heeled shoes set off of below the foot one pair of 8 centimeter more appear tall carry the United States to admire.

Severe grand day looks at the young woman satisfaction on screen to laugh, the Jing in the heart is colourful the woman that this ability is me this some appearance.

“Forest president… ” those who enter company entrance that momently everybody is courteous earnest low bend forward, blood must admit this kind of feeling is very good, first-rate, oneself like very much.

“President, this is you is exclusive elevator. ” the ascendant key that white tea is pressing elevator.

Blood do not make a sound go in, after white tea tightens therewith. Elevator slowly rise, blood just slowly easy at a heat, look at the back in front to ask coldly: “Is severe grand day afraid of me to spell his trouble the country that come down to be done don’t have? “Is severe grand day afraid of me to spell his trouble the country that come down to be done don’t have??

White tea is ticked off courteously tick off corners of the mouth, “President this has been your company! “President this has been your company!!

“What you learn however is very fast, be pair of severe grand days very devotion? Why to go together with him? ” blood distained satiric move he.

White tea awkwardness laughs, “I can help a president, not, it is predecessor president was explained let me give aid to you sit firm the position of this president, the other day if you do not want to see my my meeting disappears immediately. The other day if you do not want to see my my meeting disappears immediately..

Blood cold hum, “Did severe grand day go to leave a flock of people to monitoring I am even? Is that dry to me am I not rare still? Is that dry to me am I not rare still??

“You fasten the president excited, everything what predecessor president does is for you, hope you are not a hard job to subordinate. Hope you are not a hard job to subordinate..

“Bite ” elevator was opened, a blood such as the door that white tea is helping elevator up go out first.

“The president is good. ” upstairs these 8 assistant are standing trimly to give blood greet sb, blood cold look is perambulatory on 8 the individual’s faces, see the white tea beside again next. “Colourful blessing of you and severe grand day is not shallow! “Colourful blessing of you and severe grand day is not shallow!!

White tea face one red, blood the imply of this word satirize has many thick oneself use knee to be able to be experienced.

Blood push open the door, the office before changed completely appearance, the layout inside and style turn him into favorite color and be fond of. White is Euramerican the office desk and chair of wind, the bookshelf from the back also is same lubricious department, the book above is a few about managing kind book.

Sofa also changed the sheepskin sofa that fastens with color, there are a few green plants that oneself like before French window. Blood orbit is wet, he is pressing himself had washed decorated the office afresh, not the style with simple long-winded is the sense that he likes; Blood slowly open inside that anteroom, blood nibble lip, but tear still was dropped,come down. A piece of clean bed in the room, it is the blue that oneself like, the article in the bathroom is the[……]


The identity that the 315th chapter beautifuls woman

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1728 words, update at: 2020-04-28 14:23

“What? ” beautiful woman dare not believe a little look at Yan Qiming.

Actor or actress rice also is one face stunned look at Yan Qiming, “Pa, what do you say? The one’s life experience of beautiful woman? Is she of Mom one’s own? Is she of Mom one’s own??

Severe beautiful woman is red orbit the slowly file bag that extends asp hand to take that to already some of extensive fizzles out, open next, take out the file inside come…

Her birth certificate, her adopt is recorded, the orphanage that she has lived, the picture that still has a piece of very pretty woman…

Beautiful woman is covering surprisingly the mouth, look at a few pieces above oneself in one’s childhood photograph, so oneself…

“Pa, ” beautiful woman dare not believe look at Yan Qiming, “Pa, are you also my father?

Yan Qiming not make a sound is acquiesce, yan Qiming of for a long time just slowly mouth, “She is your mom, it is an old times of father, your father had died, but who is your mom did not tell me, just let me raise you well big. ” Yan Qiming slowly look at beautiful woman the affection of one face, “I should kiss you from beginning to end the daughter is same, beautiful woman beautifuls woman the beautiful woman that you are me the family that we are you. Beautiful woman beautifuls woman the beautiful woman that you are me the family that we are you..

The photograph that actors or actress rice looks at that piece of woman on the table temporarily astonishment, he is taken look to see more alarmed more nearly; “Pa, how does this woman follow blood is mom same? How does this woman follow blood is mom same??

Light of beautiful woman eye is tightened busy the looks at a photograph to go up woman that dare not believe, right, she is mixed really blood long picture. “Pa, this is… “

“She is your mom, but you grow so that resemble your father however, as to your mom she still has the twin little sister of a be scattered, she is blood mom. ” Yan Qiming is showing a tear in eye light, “The destiny is so embarrass person, lot also is so wonderful. Lot also is so wonderful..

“That blood with me? “That blood with me??

“Right, you are cousin, and you still have an elder brother. And you still have an elder brother..

“Elder brother? “Elder brother??

“Right, in those days your mom ever was married Y country royalty a general, did not know what to experienced to return M country later. She is in Y is state-owned a paragraph of marriage also has a child, then you also know the individual she is cold Xiao Feng, nowadays blood that eldest brother beside. Nowadays blood that eldest brother beside..

“Be him? ” of the tear trickling down of beautiful woman drop downward, all these comes it seems that she is abrupt, suddenly oneself cannot be accepted temporarily.

“Pa, you are to say that surname is mixed coldly beautiful woman has kin actually, with blood be cousin? ” actor rice cannot understand a little.

“That why, don’t have for years so find beautiful woman and found blood? Don’t have for years so find beautiful woman and found blood??

“Not, he is so old the whereabouts that seeking a mother all the time the existence that as to beautiful woman he knows her far from, fashionable evening already was when just knowing, your mother had died. Your mother had died..

“Pa, you is now the meaning that does not want me? ” beautiful woman looks at Yan Qiming flusteredly, oneself are much abrupter an elder brother but lost parents and two elder brothers however at the same time.

“Without. ” Yan Qiming feels distressed look at beautiful woman to say: “Father just feels now is the one’s lot that moment tells you you, taking the advantage of time just in time, go seeing see oneself kiss an elder brother then. Go seeing see oneself kiss an elder brother then..

Beautiful woman attacks to crying to say in Yan Qiming’s bosom: “Pa, you are my father forever, I won’t leave you. I won’t leave you..

“Good, you also are father’s most favorite good-for-nothing or queer character forever, the life that father just feels to should tell you your one’s life experience is not him stays have a regret. ” the thing that Yan Qiming experienced this makes him clear, some things are not hidden the truth from after all. He thinks well protect this beautiful woman to won’t know these secrets can be happy forever all one’s life, but had appeared nowadays her family, her manage should have the right to know everything, how can no matter she is final,the choice re[……]


Of day of severe grand of the 303rd chapter babyish

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1980 words, update at: 2020-04-25 17:18

White tea some feel distressed look at Yan Hao day, who says his humanness is marble, who says his shade firm is sinister, that notchs the president is right who, he is bend really to Lin Xieer its are all it is the half a lifetime after letting her only well, accompany without critical look again…

“President… ” white tea some feel distressed calling Yan Hao the day.

A coffee looks at light of severe grand day white tea, “How? The word says? The word says??

“Without. ” white tea is downhearted low first.

The idea that severe grand day understands him is light laugh look at a foot to lay this view, looking attentively at what gave a look in the air to coagulate slowly want, blurred eyes was full of melancholy and sadness, in the heart not by plaint, vast sky of this grand grand is so clear the melancholy that how cannot also dissolve oneself however…

“The business has been handled now, those who remain also should handle processing. ” severe grand day hands the coffee in the hand white tea, “You send a person to receive the madam time old curtilage. “You send a person to receive the madam time old curtilage..

“It is a president. “It is a president..

Severe grand day does not change the athletic clothes of white of nice a single person from the room a little while, the peaked cap of a white, before white tea establishs engrave, “Is the president to go? “Is the president to go??

“How do I go now which should be reported with you? “How do I go now which should be reported with you??

“White tea not dare, you the injury need of a suit raises an injury absolutely to be able to not go out now, you are other want to also be oneself body consider? You are other want to also be oneself body consider??

“I go Lin Zhai receives blood, you drive to me. You drive to me..

“Be… “

Blood faint in the news heart on the net is looked at in the room uneasiness, cold Xiao Feng says severe grand day went J country, but J country gave so large issue between one night, severe grand day, he how why is a bit message done not have?

Transmitted sound of sound of sth astir downstairs at this moment, blood busy get out of bed the audition with clingy careful door.

“You, severe president comes but true frequency! ” both hands of cold desolate wind brushs pants bag to stand in looking at the Yan Hao day that just took the door to the place of porch, it is it seems that like waiting for him.

“How don’t I know you come out to receive me, next time heart sincere a few go receiving to gate mouth. ” the wind of wrong super-cooling desolate with severe grand vinegary day goes upstairs directly.

“Hear J country gave a major issue yesterday do you know? ” the sound that cold Xiao Feng provokes then rings in back again unluckily.

Hold water of severe grand day the pace distains sneer, “Are you envy still sympathizes with? If be former,I can consider to consider to help you. If be former,I can consider to consider to help you..

Si Lun one obedient and favorite think of some to press be unable to bear, cold Xiao Feng is light blink signal is loosened. Look at severe grand day to be proud looking askance the attitude bottom of the heart of generation is returned is admire then this, this before younger sister’s husband.

“Dong Dong. “Dong Dong..

Blood emphatic opens the door, severe grand day is small be stupefied the hand that will raise slowly put down; 4 eye are opposite, affectionate, miss and grievance emerges completely between the heart. Blood the light of white gauze eye that frown looks at his head to go up is abrupt insecurity rises, one has the person the room to close the door next, in the affectionate eye light that face about hits into severe grand day, he looks at blood do not make a sound closely have the person in the bosom, blood small be stupefied next the girth that both hands annulus holds Yan Hao day in arms.

“Such enough, than what medicine this is good with. Than what medicine this is good with..

Blood do not make a sound close an eye to hearing that a little thick on body of Yan Hao day disinfection water to taste, how many injury to suffer after all? Blood of quite a while struggle from the bosom of severe grand day come out, severe grand day appears to have some of dissatisfaction look at blood.

“Let me treat your injury? ” blood saying to stretch his hand the slide fastener that goes pulling his dress to go up; The old hand of severe grand day draw blood is ho[……]


The 282nd chapter the deep feeling in his eye light is her

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1745 words, update at: 2020-04-20 15:27

Taking the advantage of everybody strictly to be in downstair, the entered Shenyang goosefoot appearance room of to walk gingerly…

Severe grand day leans tired outly on the back of the chair in the study, he is stringing together all clew carefully in brain, that lets a person go mad anguish when be close to the truth more and more is driving oneself are not ongoing…

Abrupt blood called sound to alarm he, he rises immediately develop a room, look at a bed to go up to sleep then a hazy young woman at the moment all trouble in the heart vanished completely.

“Woke? ” the more full tender feelings in tender eye light is completely in that sound.

“Hum, ” blood in returning what did not regain consciousness to look at light of eye of Yan Hao weather faint still can see filar silk is disturbed.

“Hungry? Do I let plum does aunt prepare dinner? ” the action of melon seeds face that takes in bedside large not use too much force to feeling her gently before severe grand sky is gentle.

Blood suddenly red orbit looks at Yan Hao day; This can psych out to severe grand day busy ask: “How? Where is uncomfortable? Where is uncomfortable??

Saying to carry the hand is stroked on her forehead.

Blood take everything into one’s own hands stays in what the big closefisted of severe grand day tightens to look at him is injury affection very.

Is severe grand day a little flustered look at her ” told me what to job produce? Is severe grand day a little flustered look at her ” told me what to job produce??

Eventually blood opened a mouth, “Who do you not ask I went seeing then? “Who do you not ask I went seeing then??

Severe grand day crouchs a private parts to extend both hands to capture blood the hand is put in labial edge, look at blood affectionately, the tear that looks at her canthus to flow is busy stretch one’s hand erase, “Those are not important, important is me at the moment this complete you. Important is me at the moment this complete you..

Blood the tear in the eye continues to slide, “If are we one day apart,also did not see again really? “If are we one day apart,also did not see again really??

“Won’t, I do not allow you to say such word, without my permission your where also must not go. ” severe grand day checks overbearingly, carry next hand general the lachrymal erase on her face.

Blood suck suck nose to defeat tears and laugh, each other suffer in equipment in the heart between sufferring is only deposit that thorny issue in each other heart temporarily rise cherish at the moment this is brief halcyon with warmth.

“Childe, the young lady is in of severe grand day fasten a courtyard. The young lady is in of severe grand day fasten a courtyard..

“Hum, I knew. I knew..

“But we he did not remove the person here, sent a few people again however fastening a courtyard. Sent a few people again however fastening a courtyard..

Cold Xiao Feng is full of disconsolate by small sigh eye, “Si Lun, I always feel to namely will an a foul wind and a rain of blood wanted to come. I always feel to namely will an a foul wind and a rain of blood wanted to come..

“Does the childe’s means say those J compatriots? “Does the childe’s means say those J compatriots??

“This suffer a defeat, they won’t be apt to stops of be willing to give up, the movement that looks at severe grand day is to want his to protect blood personally, he also was aware of its seriousness, the other side not blood park deathtrap is swear not to stop. The other side not blood park deathtrap is swear not to stop..

“Childe, have a problem I want not to understand. Have a problem I want not to understand..

“Say. “Say..

“Mother of severe grand day child since the heart knows abdomen bright in shadow argue, why to father is grand day not direct does Shen Li appearance control rise? Why to father is grand day not direct does Shen Li appearance control rise??

“I guess he is not cannot return temporarily however cannot, because he follows us to euqally too much problem is not solved; And Shen Li appearance has calculated him won’t easily bright face defies with oneself, she also obscures the fact in what do one’s utmost. She also obscures the fact in what do one’s utmost..

“Childe, what is the young lady to listen to you just can go to so dangerous place about the message of own parents certainly? What is the young lady to listen to you just can go to so dangerous place about t[……]