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White tea some feel distressed look at Yan Hao day, who says his humanness is marble, who says his shade firm is sinister, that notchs the president is right who, he is bend really to Lin Xieer its are all it is the half a lifetime after letting her only well, accompany without critical look again…

“President… ” white tea some feel distressed calling Yan Hao the day.

A coffee looks at light of severe grand day white tea, “How? The word says? The word says??

“Without. ” white tea is downhearted low first.

The idea that severe grand day understands him is light laugh look at a foot to lay this view, looking attentively at what gave a look in the air to coagulate slowly want, blurred eyes was full of melancholy and sadness, in the heart not by plaint, vast sky of this grand grand is so clear the melancholy that how cannot also dissolve oneself however…

“The business has been handled now, those who remain also should handle processing. ” severe grand day hands the coffee in the hand white tea, “You send a person to receive the madam time old curtilage. “You send a person to receive the madam time old curtilage..

“It is a president. “It is a president..

Severe grand day does not change the athletic clothes of white of nice a single person from the room a little while, the peaked cap of a white, before white tea establishs engrave, “Is the president to go? “Is the president to go??

“How do I go now which should be reported with you? “How do I go now which should be reported with you??

“White tea not dare, you the injury need of a suit raises an injury absolutely to be able to not go out now, you are other want to also be oneself body consider? You are other want to also be oneself body consider??

“I go Lin Zhai receives blood, you drive to me. You drive to me..

“Be… “

Blood faint in the news heart on the net is looked at in the room uneasiness, cold Xiao Feng says severe grand day went J country, but J country gave so large issue between one night, severe grand day, he how why is a bit message done not have?

Transmitted sound of sound of sth astir downstairs at this moment, blood busy get out of bed the audition with clingy careful door.

“You, severe president comes but true frequency! ” both hands of cold desolate wind brushs pants bag to stand in looking at the Yan Hao day that just took the door to the place of porch, it is it seems that like waiting for him.

“How don’t I know you come out to receive me, next time heart sincere a few go receiving to gate mouth. ” the wind of wrong super-cooling desolate with severe grand vinegary day goes upstairs directly.

“Hear J country gave a major issue yesterday do you know? ” the sound that cold Xiao Feng provokes then rings in back again unluckily.

Hold water of severe grand day the pace distains sneer, “Are you envy still sympathizes with? If be former,I can consider to consider to help you. If be former,I can consider to consider to help you..

Si Lun one obedient and favorite think of some to press be unable to bear, cold Xiao Feng is light blink signal is loosened. Look at severe grand day to be proud looking askance the attitude bottom of the heart of generation is returned is admire then this, this before younger sister’s husband.

“Dong Dong. “Dong Dong..

Blood emphatic opens the door, severe grand day is small be stupefied the hand that will raise slowly put down; 4 eye are opposite, affectionate, miss and grievance emerges completely between the heart. Blood the light of white gauze eye that frown looks at his head to go up is abrupt insecurity rises, one has the person the room to close the door next, in the affectionate eye light that face about hits into severe grand day, he looks at blood do not make a sound closely have the person in the bosom, blood small be stupefied next the girth that both hands annulus holds Yan Hao day in arms.

“Such enough, than what medicine this is good with. Than what medicine this is good with..

Blood do not make a sound close an eye to hearing that a little thick on body of Yan Hao day disinfection water to taste, how many injury to suffer after all? Blood of quite a while struggle from the bosom of severe grand day come out, severe grand day appears to have some of dissatisfaction look at blood.

“Let me treat your injury? ” blood saying to stretch his hand the slide fastener that goes pulling his dress to go up; The old hand of severe grand day draw blood is ho[……]


The 282nd chapter the deep feeling in his eye light is her

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Taking the advantage of everybody strictly to be in downstair, the entered Shenyang goosefoot appearance room of to walk gingerly…

Severe grand day leans tired outly on the back of the chair in the study, he is stringing together all clew carefully in brain, that lets a person go mad anguish when be close to the truth more and more is driving oneself are not ongoing…

Abrupt blood called sound to alarm he, he rises immediately develop a room, look at a bed to go up to sleep then a hazy young woman at the moment all trouble in the heart vanished completely.

“Woke? ” the more full tender feelings in tender eye light is completely in that sound.

“Hum, ” blood in returning what did not regain consciousness to look at light of eye of Yan Hao weather faint still can see filar silk is disturbed.

“Hungry? Do I let plum does aunt prepare dinner? ” the action of melon seeds face that takes in bedside large not use too much force to feeling her gently before severe grand sky is gentle.

Blood suddenly red orbit looks at Yan Hao day; This can psych out to severe grand day busy ask: “How? Where is uncomfortable? Where is uncomfortable??

Saying to carry the hand is stroked on her forehead.

Blood take everything into one’s own hands stays in what the big closefisted of severe grand day tightens to look at him is injury affection very.

Is severe grand day a little flustered look at her ” told me what to job produce? Is severe grand day a little flustered look at her ” told me what to job produce??

Eventually blood opened a mouth, “Who do you not ask I went seeing then? “Who do you not ask I went seeing then??

Severe grand day crouchs a private parts to extend both hands to capture blood the hand is put in labial edge, look at blood affectionately, the tear that looks at her canthus to flow is busy stretch one’s hand erase, “Those are not important, important is me at the moment this complete you. Important is me at the moment this complete you..

Blood the tear in the eye continues to slide, “If are we one day apart,also did not see again really? “If are we one day apart,also did not see again really??

“Won’t, I do not allow you to say such word, without my permission your where also must not go. ” severe grand day checks overbearingly, carry next hand general the lachrymal erase on her face.

Blood suck suck nose to defeat tears and laugh, each other suffer in equipment in the heart between sufferring is only deposit that thorny issue in each other heart temporarily rise cherish at the moment this is brief halcyon with warmth.

“Childe, the young lady is in of severe grand day fasten a courtyard. The young lady is in of severe grand day fasten a courtyard..

“Hum, I knew. I knew..

“But we he did not remove the person here, sent a few people again however fastening a courtyard. Sent a few people again however fastening a courtyard..

Cold Xiao Feng is full of disconsolate by small sigh eye, “Si Lun, I always feel to namely will an a foul wind and a rain of blood wanted to come. I always feel to namely will an a foul wind and a rain of blood wanted to come..

“Does the childe’s means say those J compatriots? “Does the childe’s means say those J compatriots??

“This suffer a defeat, they won’t be apt to stops of be willing to give up, the movement that looks at severe grand day is to want his to protect blood personally, he also was aware of its seriousness, the other side not blood park deathtrap is swear not to stop. The other side not blood park deathtrap is swear not to stop..

“Childe, have a problem I want not to understand. Have a problem I want not to understand..

“Say. “Say..

“Mother of severe grand day child since the heart knows abdomen bright in shadow argue, why to father is grand day not direct does Shen Li appearance control rise? Why to father is grand day not direct does Shen Li appearance control rise??

“I guess he is not cannot return temporarily however cannot, because he follows us to euqally too much problem is not solved; And Shen Li appearance has calculated him won’t easily bright face defies with oneself, she also obscures the fact in what do one’s utmost. She also obscures the fact in what do one’s utmost..

“Childe, what is the young lady to listen to you just can go to so dangerous place about the message of own parents certainly? What is the young lady to listen to you just can go to so dangerous place about t[……]


a stupid person day of 19 chapters severe grand by box up

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“Husband, hear of grand day sheng received group headquarters. ” the Yan Qiming that in there is those who do not have to combing the hair looks at a mirror before Shenyang goosefoot appearance sits in dresser, relies on on sofa to see a book drink coffee.

“Be? ” Yan Qiming puts down the coffee in the hand, the book in adding up to begin is appearing a mirror to look at Shenyang goosefoot appearance next, “The child’s thing, we were not participated in again, they are so big the issue that can have handled oneself; Especially grand day, his person carries the weight in build up, what he can handle issue of most propbably emotive more is very good. ” the scenery outside is looked at before Yan Qiming pushs the gold-rimmed glasses view that pushs bridge of the nose to go up to rise lightly.

The in dropping a hand comb of the gives Yan Qiming inhospitality that Shenyang goosefoot appearance sees or some not reconciled to rises come to Yan Qiming beside, “I had thought, sheng the child that how saying also is severe home, do I want to see his your come to an agreement or understanding? Do I want to see his your come to an agreement or understanding??

“Do you feel he is met infer you? “Do you feel he is met infer you??

“I… ” Shen Li appearance knows that day oneself in public humiliate his mom.

“I had said you do not share the child’s business again, you are done more do maintain and it is good that a few your boudoir honeys hit card games to make some of fun together. ” Yan Qiming’s word is much some mediumer berate frozenly. Shenyang goosefoot appearance listens reach Yan Qiming word resents mediumly, he is understanding Yan Qiming once young he when also is one pair plant spoonily.

“Well good, I listen to you, it is good that their its themselves is handled after, I no matter. ” the shoulder that outfit of feign of Shenyang goosefoot appearance compromises to patting Yan Qiming next, “I go down to see that tremella congee became good not, had some of hunger! ” the laugh that says awkwardness laughs leave but the firm crime a bit that shine in eye light and dies does not have degenerative meaning…

“Uncle, I think sheng receive come back to will spend the New Year tomorrow. I think sheng receive come back to will spend the New Year tomorrow..

“Young mistress of the house, I ask the childe’s meaning. ” say Wan Luoxuan is about to leave.

“Wait, are you to want to go personally or call ask? Are you to want to go personally or call ask??

“Young mistress of the house I go out to hit a phone to ask. “Young mistress of the house I go out to hit a phone to ask..

“Why cannot be that hit before my face? “Why cannot be that hit before my face??

“I… “

Blood the Lv of be suspicious of Luo Xuan heart that looks at some to embarrass, “How many thing do you have to hiding the truth from me after all? “How many thing do you have to hiding the truth from me after all??

“Without young mistress of the house, i, I this is hit. ” the mobile phone that Luo Xuan drew out skill machine quickly to call severe grand day crossed a mobile phone a little while and did not put through, luo Xuan looks at blood, “Young mistress of the house, the childe was not received, wait to I am hit again is there a news it is OK to telling you? Wait to I am hit again is there a news it is OK to telling you??

Blood the whisper in the heart, “The phone of this individual is not received all the time, gave what job after all, why to contact all the time go up? Why to contact all the time go up??

A small room seeing the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces does not make a sound the eyes dodges, “You had better say to be clear about with me today, do otherwise I go to a company seeing severe grand day now is he what to doing after all?

“Young mistress of the house, do not force I, our where has the childe’s thing right bother about. Our where has the childe’s thing right bother about..

“You lie, others does not have a likelihood, but you and Wood are the person beside him, how may you know? How may you know??

“I… “

“You say quickly, you know my disposition, I want to know regular meeting knows. I want to know regular meeting knows..

Luo Xuan sighs heavily, he knows blood naturally disposition. “Childe he is opposite because of the madam your prejudice, decide the person of all madams in group of will severe family name and partner all change so. The generation that they are the tiger wolves that for company severe family[……]


The 211st chapter he is what purpose

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“Childe, we had given the information went. We had given the information went..

“Hum, what reacts? What reacts??

“Hum, the message passes haste of complexion of that Lin Yuner go from the home, lin Tianci had not come out in the home, had sent a person staring at what message is met inform you for a short while. Had sent a person staring at what message is met inform you for a short while..

“Hum, I knew, you go transferring that police someone else to stay to withdraw the number of the half next. You go transferring that police someone else to stay to withdraw the number of the half next..

“The childe’s means… “

“That allow regular meeting starts work, we give her the chance, I should feel a melon to offer an opportunity to severe grand day incidentally down the cane, be what thing I did otherwise? Be what thing I did otherwise??

“Knew a young son, do not cross a childe, in the home there urging all the time, should go back rapidly? Should go back rapidly??

Cold Xiao Feng is shaking forefinger of the wine in the cup to delimiting cup edge is like gently gently thinking, “Be in etc… ” the look of heavy clear is light the wine in cup of Huang Jian drink ‘ Yan Hao day, you also are not fallen by me too much, I had not seen your real actual strength, what you say like others really is so fierce, you can prevent really I all movements, that should see you can first my movement of one pace checks all truths to prevent me… ‘

“Childe, cold Xiao Feng will defend the bodyguard that is in constabulary home to remove an in part, and his home everybody is banned sufficient, but our sign says to had taken away that police stealthily. But our sign says to had taken away that police stealthily..

“Hum? ” frown of severe grand day indissolubles look at Jian Mo.

“Childe, is be afraid of a trap? Is be afraid of a trap??

“How to say? “How to say??

“I leave brought vague impression in everywhere, those who be is to notice all related all targets, it is this morning only among them a shadow transmitted a few pieces of pictures. ” Jian Mo takes skill machine to open a photograph to hand severe grand day. “The adjutant that I had consulted the person that sends a thing is at hand of cold desolate wind looks for a person to send, and before long that Lin Yuner hurriedly went, I think these things are related. I think these things are related..

“You are those who say cold Xiao Feng is intended leaked the information Lin Tianci, waiting for a fish to bite namely? Waiting for a fish to bite namely??

“Yes, although do not know what those who send is but looking to know from present state is how to return a responsibility, the person of Home Lin had known the movement of young mistress of the house. The person of Home Lin had known the movement of young mistress of the house..

“Is he with blood be at the same time? For what is such doing? For what is such doing??

“I feel the thing of young mistress of the house is very simple, but why so big fee is scared go around in circles is most propbably concerned with you? But why so big fee is scared go around in circles is most propbably concerned with you??

“I? I? ” severe grand day looks at the consideration with the careful photograph in the hand to wear these casuse and effect, he knows he has been mixed now clearly blood the station is together, he why darkling operates all these, is it possible that the thing that him what still does not know?

“Is that police in now? “Is that police in now??

“Be in from that house on his home, a road was lain between only among just. A road was lain between only among just..

“Below the lamp black, what does he want to do? Be because can I be the person that is him then,say to be illogical? Be because can I be the person that is him then,say to be illogical??

“The childe looks according to me, we do not provide the job of this police, he won’t let what then the individual has an accident for certain, won’t send a person to look at him at the beginning otherwise. Won’t send a person to look at him at the beginning otherwise..

“I know to be able to do not have a thing of course, but what I want exclusively now to be illogical is why wind of his Leng Xiao must go in my my drag in so what is the sense that make, what objective to have after all? ” think carefully from at the beginning blood appear to now a variety of, still have following one by one and thinking carefully accidentally to is in him cold Xiao Feng is[……]


The 61st of Zhang Xieer entreat

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Some person lifetime come down to be destined to want to dance, both hands, the eyes, attitude is destined to be existence for dancing only. This word still just is in it seems that very complete appearance is worn blood, but this word is not blood now not belong to, the person that be not professional dance because of her but the dance spirit that she had person of distinctive be awed however.

Blood light laugh is worn, eye eye looks to that camera lens, there is an intent flavour in the double eye of beautiful charm provoke, blood oneself are looked at before knowing severe grand day is sitting in camera lens right now, no matter he identifies himself, but does if should next he say, he have what kind of reaction can you have? Blood the wants to know severe grand day reaction that considering some too impatient to wait.

“Waving a miracle this with respect to what financial group of severe like this family name holds is same, severe president is to want to lend the becomes fine public house conduct propaganda with this better chance the job, thereby the better cooperative cause that extends a hotel. ” blood carry corners of the mouth, the orthoptic scene with none cowardly with nothing left is shown in eye eye.

An Na is in camera lens here listening to blood if, see the response of severe grand day next, next some of furious hunger says: “She what is this to do? “She what is this to do??

Severe grand day did not talk is condensation only move the face is letting she continues to say.

“The person that has ulterior motives of course still has me of course, ” blood strong camera lens is blinked piquantly blink.

Severe grand day looks at blood petty action eye ground has wiped a bit smile.

Blood seemed what to remember suddenly like, had turned the head looks at compere to ask: “Can be the bonus of the match gotten now? “Can be the bonus of the match gotten now??

Compere is a little slow-witted be stupefied, this girl is too common, raise money now actually, can be the hollow laugh that feels embarrassed again before person face compere of so much two. ” yes, 2 million, with the qualification that has the dance house with severe subordinate family name. “What compere says is a little helpless.

The person below the stage also is in steal steal murmurous, eristic reputation is bigger and bigger.

The: of reporter caution query that annulus signs up for?

Blood organs head chuckle next orthoptic camera lens says faintly: “For a few lovely baby. “For a few lovely baby..

Day of the Yan Hao before camera lens blinks evil spirit eye gently, she is abrupt from blood eye eye was pleasant to the eye to entreat. ?

Blood lowered a manner, lose the dash that a moment ago provoked then to taking to entreat, “Draw near another appropriate of Hua Mingshan has a cathedral on Yang Shan, there are a flock of lovely babies inside cathedral, he is be a few give birth to forsaken child from, the nun of face of the underside of a quilt is foster, baby people what be taught is very good, very happy also, although do not have the love of parents and family member, but they still have the brotherly sister in cathedral, they learn together each other, frolic, have a meal, take care of each other, give aid to each other. ” blood saying faintly, what there is softness in eye eye is smooth, “They know they are what kind of place, so mutual together very what try hard hard is living, as long as living already very good never go extravagant hopes what; While what but who can understand they are in,try hard is living, rushed into a flock of black clothes people suddenly one day, tell them this cathedral has been sold bloodily should be changed to go vacationing village, has what who sees those children are innocent smiling expression is stiff on the face the fear when, wanted to lose the home again really? Nice not easy gift has such simple, insipid home, should be lost again? They ought innocent joy, of carefree happiness is be brought up? When but become,light day of a piece of Zhang Zhi shows a kind of fear to stand before you on true face, tell you, we should do not have the home again, daydream even twining in the fear that be planted by this, is this them behoove faces? ” actor rice organs below look at blood deeply, on the face with excited appreciably, had floated in double eye had water fog, the shakily with the small not use too much force of the centre of the palm, actor rice of one mind aches extend a hand to bar a blood shoulder, the iciness that feels she goes up personally and asp.

Severe grand day still sits on sofa to keep sile[……]


The 15th evening party on Zhang Wan

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Blood striding serious step, the fitful in the heart is acerbity. Want me to face such choice namely, want to accept the judgment of the destiny.

The uncle should marry him to a new man, but encounter a person that makes oneself enchanted again unluckily however right now.

Piece one face worries about Mom run with blood go back together, next Lin Tianci and Bai Youhui also in succession the person that comes to the front of the sitting room stares at have sth in mind vinegarily.

Blood already expect is received what should they say to oneself in, just keep silent waiting for them to challenge oneself. Lin Tianci is having one in eye eye silk is anxious with concern ask: “You this is to go which, how to come home overnight, the car still is held in the palm to send back, all things are in the car, this one night the night that where spends are you? This one night the night that where spends are you??

Blood raise bright eye to look at Lin Tianci laugh lightly, “Uncle, I just encountered minor accident yesterday, do not have a thing nevertheless, had solved, I is this well those who stand in you before? I is this well those who stand in you before??

Lin Tianci both hands strokes blood gently shoulder, double eye is in what fluctuate on her body to be looked up and down one time, did not discover what is accident, heart a little put down.

Bai Youhui fills what suspect completely to come to blood in eye eye before, slightly the eye since narrow one’s eyes is examining blood in the heart dark add: Piece does Mom say blood how wearing what dust coat goes to change a single person now? Still a moment ago thought this girl knew what rumor nevertheless, think she escaped!

Still had better give me well to stay in this nevertheless, otherwise I can find you with any methods… blood the shade firm that in seeing Bai Youhui eyes, shows.

Blood greet to reply a house a few sentences with Lin Tianci, just walked along stair, transmit Bai Youhui’s sound after one’s death. “Your uncle attends an evening party in the evening, that is the circle of person of a superstratum, distinguished personages gathers, political circles VIP, expensive helmet of rich and powerful family. Allow go without time, you follow your uncle to go experience, can not talk in disorder, give Lin blacken sb’s name. Give Lin blacken sb’s name..

Blood tick off tick off corners of the mouth to sneer, cold face continues to go upstairs. This is how, did not discuss repeatedly, come to me directly an act first and report afterwards be?

Lin Tianci look is following blood go upstairs, be anxious in the heart, dropped idea again nevertheless, think this girl as a child sensible and obedient, let her how be done how can do…

Lin Tianci lowers his head to sigh, face about also answered a room…

The one stamp that Bai Youhui enrages, dissatisfaction is shown to also go upstairs as Lin Tianci in the eyes.

Close the door, “Husband, do you cannot bear a bit heart? ” summary belt asks Bai Youhui mood spicily.

See Lin Tianci is considered oneself from wear the dress to also pay no attention to her, the facial department that Bai Youhui enrages says convulsively: “Hellion but I was become to you, how to do what see yourself. ” say, grab oneself handbag, the edge walks along an edge to say: “I can send a person to prepare formal attire to her in the evening, those who remain you are done with respect to oneself! Those who remain you are done with respect to oneself!!

Transmit subsequently close heavily sound…

Be less than 5 minutes, blood hear close again sound, before just having the door that passed oneself along with sound of pace of the rear foot, blood waiting silently, the Lin Tianci outside the door also is in waiting silently…

It is blood only hear the footstep that transmitted Lin Tianci to leave again, perhaps the uncle is returned to me some are not abandoned, not be to want such is opposite I… blood the comfort in the heart.

Lin Tianci wants to knock go in to feel that he cannot start to talk again, actually oneself also are cannot bear at the heart, after all oneself I am sorry in those days eldest brother, want again nowadays so cruel I am sorry blood, sighing heavily, the building below face about…

Blood those who sit in the mirror is looked at before dresser oneself, a forced smile in the heart, look up carrying chin to mutter one who treats sb to a meal: “Lin Xieer, more or less to suffer from you to had not eaten, what does this bit of thing calculate now, the[……]


The 10th order is smaller than you have to let you

” this gives birth to Xing Dejun, sufficient ” Bai Xiaotao / , this chapter in all 1031 words, update at: 2020-03-14 00:57

On this world, not all person is willing to letting you. Those be most willing to are letting your person, because loving you deeply,be.

But also do not let a person all the time one-sided is paid, because one day he also is met tired. If love, that is in please when having attrition, each other remove one condition.

When eat snacks stealthily to draw Mr A ” lesson ” hind, I cry loudly. Mr A does not sit in the room eventually, go to the side of me to sit down, outside taking what putting on the desk silently, sell ate to rise.

I am enmeshed in my sad mood as before, pledge Mr A does not manage in the day.

Passed in a few minutes, mr A has some of awkwardness and ashamed regret it seems that, put down eat box to look at me, say: intentionally with angry voice? Unplug axil  doors egg. Tan of garden of tip of iridium of  Xun Wo angries Wo of abundant  the foot of mountain bows with hands clasped to D of tube of excuse me of Hua Tan Lin excuse me of huang3hu1 Li Nie! ?

Say to appear to feel more awkward, continue to lowered his head to eat to rise.

I hear Mr A after this speech, within an inch of enrages by the food suffocate in the mouth.

The tear on erasure face, does the person that side is to sitting personally too on the side of me side say: ? An Huaiyue makes fun of disease of  courtyard Huo to conceive another name for Guangdong Province to make fun of  with couple dizzy bow with hands clasped to fade to invade rancor!

Cold war continued to sleep in the evening.

I lie in bed upside to cross a body, oneself think over outside the window is being looked at after coming down calmly today’s behavior. I know Mr A does not let me eat is for me only good, why do I want so so angry?

Self-respect lets me do not know this how to apologize to Mr A, then not self-conscious go up in the bed all the time again and again.

Had not known how long, hear to: rings by the side of ear?  of Di of emperor of spruce Fu of emperor of bay Kang dispatch handsome?

I ability Jing becomes aware his activity disturbed Mr A, is side worn does the body say: ? Regretful arc ah Cuo of  of Wo of Sun of lossen soil with a hoe of rice of O guanidine  Mr Zuo apologizes, did not think of Mr A compares me than me however faster said to I am sorry.

That wants suddenly to cry momently, with cry does antrum say: to Mr A? Fu Jun of wolf of mace of short for Shaanxi Province of  of model of astounded of quiet of emperor of establish of  of Hui of Mu of spruce course of study of have a nightmare of regretful human skeleton?

Mr A stood by me, will: say in the bosom that I pull him? Nie of Chong of fawn on of pancreas of the  that make leech smooth with a rake makes fun of  round Huang Zhen! ?

“You are met so be used to is bad my. ” my face about faces Mr A.

“That also is me. ” Mr A is laughing to say.

“I am sorry, those things do not have really after me. Those things do not have really after me..

“True? Does your month allow to eat after still planning originally? Since you said so, that calculated. ” Mr A one face is bad laugh look at me.

“Ah ah, I just whats did not say, listen to you. ” some eating is returned unexpectedly after rejoicing secretly, hasten applepolish: ? Bay pay of collect of Fu tending or guard a gate spring risk. Handsome?

Of sound of Mr A minimum it said what I didn’t listen to is clear to said what I didn’t listen to, asked again so, does result Mr A say: ? Is Mi Oujing Chou of  of Kou of Nai of the  that make leech smooth with a rake thin?

I listen to find both funny and annoying, do not know I am to should hit him really, or is boast little brother really sensible?

But later, I discover Mr A cheated me however.

It is OK that in every case arrived snack that day, should Mr A use a: ?

After was being passed a few times, I detect eventually this is Mr A ” conspiratorial ” , he can call me far from at ordinary times ” elder sister ” , but should arrive only ” snacks day ” , he rises to begin to call me from in the morning ” elder sister ” . But think him so doing is for me, calculated, continue to accompany him to act go down.

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002 happen to, I also go that!

” you accompany tower of my wild goose to get wet in the rain I accompany you to watch snow ” Xiamuxi / , this chapter in all 2305 words, update at: 2020-03-26 20:00

Although the hotel is located in on the west all the way alley child in, but the name of the hotel is quite unique, “The Tang Dynasty ” HOTEL, be like in Xi’an of do sth for the occasion this Gu Cheng historical inside information of thousands of years. The adornment of hotel interior is completely modern, to the person one kind shines beautiful feeling.

The following day I rose big early, what sleep in even if night is very late, also do not affect my Morpheus quality, spirit still excited.

I look at the figure that does not calculate big and fleshy to still calculate satisfaction before the mirror, changed white shirt next, blue stripe business suit, carry in the cravat with miscellaneous confused of one caboodle color will be carried, final pitch on a pink cravat that never seals off has been fastened seriously, abrupt him discovery resembles is to attend choose show is same, look very spirit, a little sexy even.

Then, I was taking the handbag confidence of the file to give the door completely. Although the time with client agreement was at 10 o’clock, I still shifted to an earlier date two hours go out, fear the car is blocked up on the road, by accident time, also take care to think of for that bit, want to saw the Xi’an wall that did not see two years have what change again well.

I just opened room door, the door of the guest room opposite side also was opened. I look up look, be stupefied immediately, knowing is lot dim still be destined, I was encountered again yesterday that girl of KFC, she lives opposite me actually room.

The girl sees is I exceed excitement, what can see my eyes always cannot say comes is strange.

My courteous laugh, say, “Do you also live here? “Do you also live here??

The girl’s eye falls on my body all the time, nod slightly, “Hum. “Hum..

I searched on him body down her line of sight very long, also did not discover what is peculiar, ask, “Is there gold on my body giving off light? “Is there gold on my body giving off light??

Girl laugh, “Without, if have, you die early thousands of times, you this changes body clothes suddenly, actually handsome blast, regrettablly I am not lone, yes word, had fallen in love with you. Had fallen in love with you..

The word of before half part sounds have cuss my meaning, what say however is reasonable, always live in the person on this world, who does not love gold again, if my whole body is gloden, the person that encounters me can bang surely and go up, pared alive I cannot.

I keep quiet as far as possible, “Won’t you be to saw fall in love at first sight to me when me yesterday? “Won’t you be to saw fall in love at first sight to me when me yesterday??

Girl thief is argute, correct, “Yesterday is to see admire, today just is 2 see loving. Today just is 2 see loving..

I am burst out laughing by what the girl’s fluency amuses, “Yes, 2 see loving. 2 see loving..

The complexion that the girl feels embarrassed is ruddy rise, toward corridor all around look, say, “Did not laugh, was seen, still think I you how. Still think I you how..

My astounded, “You me? “You me??

The girl nods, “Right, station of female one old early in the morning is in Gu male few hotel room entrance laughs, who to change to be able to feel abnormal. Who to change to be able to feel abnormal..

I stopped immediately laugh, hold out the black picture frame on bridge of the nose, “It is the 2nd times today met, I had not introduced myself, hello, I call Gong Mu wood. I call Gong Mu wood..

The girl rejected to mix my handclasp, instead is very curious to my name, my name repeated in the mouth, thinking is that bend of 7 lis of 8 abduct, I was forced to explain one time, she just makes clear is the palace of palace.

Although be clear, but the girl laughs a bit coldly however, have quite to my name say decline, “Palace wood, resemble a girl name, especially other people sounds, affirm the palace after can associating, is not palace. is not palace..

“Good, you actually satiric me ” , I was hit gently on the girl’s head, “Still said northerner is simple and honest and frank yesterday, I see you tricky. I see you tricky..

The girl explains: “Who says northerner is not OK and clever, also did not say on which regulation, simple and honest simple minded is stupid, thoughout the history, simple and honest simple minded can be a kind of traditional goodness, people still is carried on energetically. People[……]