The 15th evening party on Zhang Wan

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Blood striding serious step, the fitful in the heart is acerbity. Want me to face such choice namely, want to accept the judgment of the destiny.

The uncle should marry him to a new man, but encounter a person that makes oneself enchanted again unluckily however right now.

Piece one face worries about Mom run with blood go back together, next Lin Tianci and Bai Youhui also in succession the person that comes to the front of the sitting room stares at have sth in mind vinegarily.

Blood already expect is received what should they say to oneself in, just keep silent waiting for them to challenge oneself. Lin Tianci is having one in eye eye silk is anxious with concern ask: “You this is to go which, how to come home overnight, the car still is held in the palm to send back, all things are in the car, this one night the night that where spends are you? This one night the night that where spends are you??

Blood raise bright eye to look at Lin Tianci laugh lightly, “Uncle, I just encountered minor accident yesterday, do not have a thing nevertheless, had solved, I is this well those who stand in you before? I is this well those who stand in you before??

Lin Tianci both hands strokes blood gently shoulder, double eye is in what fluctuate on he[……]