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” Shuang Yu? Recall chronicle ” tangerine one night tide / , this chapter in all 2449 words, update at: 2014-10-03 22:00

I plan to use this weekday to dog summerly eye Ben Tang, he is the prince of big group really if really, no matter go which, his all around surround under cover a flock of casual bodyguard, and you can differentiate very hard piece which it is passerby armour, which ability is among them.

I should capture with the scanner the graph grain on his body, but the action person that this makes me increased many difficulty. The hand is holding a thing, abrupt shake before others body will shake, don’t you feel to be done so very let a person suspect? What consider the other side true is summerly eye Ben Tang only, also hard to avoid can be said allergy is foolish force, little root muscle. Dan Reguo the other side is convict really, my identity may decline at this point, to moment my place has risk, and embroil arrives the affair that investigates an aspect, increase many troubles. If convict or shadow are caught, are I and that Yin Yu by catch the whole lot in an action?

This, how should be done?

Abrupt, the graph grain that I find Yin Yu is worn in gently agitate my nerve, if graph grain has activity, had reaction with respect to the body that makes clear Yin Yu so. The aftershock of graph grain rises and fall errant, I fear he can give what job, is other in after[……]


The 49th chapter, those of high in the 0769桑拿论坛clouds looks

” tear of China die young ” Hua Jin announce / , this chapter in all 2297 words, update at: 2014-12-10 17:58

Cold wind is biting, wind blows the body shock that gets Lian Weiyu shake, the hand that arranges gas for Lin Biyan pauses.

The station that pull a month is there, eye look is worn her, what does the look in wanting the look from her it seems that give, but be after all not if really.

“Cough, majesty, either, I just talk about some of jest with the elder sister, majesty need not be taken seriously. ” Lin Biyan coughs badly really, slip from inside the eye giddily piece.

“Be? Only do you say the wife of a prince? Only do you say the wife of a prince??

“If a person is not happy really, why to put her to leave, hover comfortable between heaven and earth. ” like the person that Lin Biyan seems withered and yellow nowadays, complexion is ghastly, be without redness of skin, gas is like hairspring, be afraid of is to do not have a few days, if can let her,leaving this depressive and depressing palace also is a right choice.

“Oh? Only the means of the wife of a prince, the emperor the wife of a prince that becomes me very not happy, the palace in me can make a person joyless only, uneasy? ! ” in the eye faint having rage, she his what is this to be being alluded?

“Majesty wishs how to think, it is how. It is how..



The 29th chapter, that 广州龙凤网year the breeze of summer has been blown

” tear of China die young ” Hua Jin announce / , this chapter in all 3119 words, update at: 2014-12-10 17:40

Wait for bath to be over, lian Weiyu changed Lin Biyan to be installed to that his pregnant woman, will all Gong Ren dispatch is retreated.

In pregnant woman outfit everywhere gropingly.

Lian Weiyu’s heart is beating, oneself are to listen to the heartbeat that gets tension even.

Wait for find the clothes in a little bag, her orbit is wet, finger shakily is worn that purple pill that ferret comes to.

Filar silk caper was lighted in the heart.

“Did empress or imperial concubine of the first rank sleep? “Did empress or imperial concubine of the first rank sleep??

Hear what outer room pulls lunar gentleness to asking value night Gong Ren, lian Weiyu’s the pit of the stomach is close, instantly in dress of replace of will purple pill.

“Answer the emperor, empress or imperial concubine of the first rank slept. Empress or imperial concubine of the first rank slept..

Very long, without the sound that open the door.

Lian Weiyu knows he went, the tone loosened in the heart.

The 2nd day, la Nu went as expected, she sends admire of jade of jade of a department before going.

Lian Weiyu is grasping that Yu Pei to resemble closely is to handhol[……]


广州品茶上课资源The 3rd chapter

” tear of China die young ” Hua Jin announce / , this chapter in all 3886 words, update at: 2014-12-02 15:59

Tender night, the leaf tangles roll endlessly, rustle makes sound, seem the close language between lingering.

Lian Weiyu drops that bored childe to avoid, consider small meritorious service of put to good use to leave only, do not know oneself to come to He De however.

“How does the thing do? “How does the thing do??

Lian Weiyu listens have voice, hide into shadow rapidly, observation is worn the woman that in a suit below banyan black clothes envelops him fastidiously and stand by, see the man of not clear about.

“Do almost. “Do almost..

“Hum, this is good, connect domestic bend city is female person get the world, be afraid this week of country still does not have this ability to be able to get the world! ” say black clothes woman to go, this is in that man place, be like what thinking, also did not go a little while.

These two people are what person after all, what purpose to have again?

Lian Weiyu does not care weeks of this is big country, what she cares exclusively is the little sister of oneself.

When what oneself are thinking the thing thinks is abstracted, have a little hand the backside from her gently patted oneself, she has answered a god to come temporarily, face about,[……]


Bead shade wall closes the 27th chapter businessmen, bai Li 佛山蒲典and road mulberry

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Bead shade wall adds up to businessmen, bai Li and road mulberry

Bai Li and road mulberry this paragraph of marriage is not blessed. Bai Li owes the pig debt of the villager, search in succession come to come, at this moment road mulberry just feels he is decieved, the rich man in her eye is so owed just a little the pauper of 100 thousand debt, destiny left to her not fun. Begin a few years, road mulberry also complains acoustical rise from all directions, run away from home almost everyday, dan Baili also told a truth with her: “? I marry you to take the door, also be to see your meeting deal, I know I owed a lot of debt, encounter so able like you woman only, I believe, I still can get on debt very quickly. ” ?

Road mulberry can go to bitter water only swallow in abdomen, follow Bai Li to kill removed a pig, follow him to rise to be felt early everyday black. Thinking of is: Since Bai Li and road mulberry after marrying, his pork is bad also to sold, can sell 23 hogs formerly everyday, can sell a hog everyday now pretty good. Road mulberry sees the business is so gloomy, creditor arrives fast those a few months that spend the New Year sit every day full house, road mulberry a drivel, a tear, nowhere recounts difficulty.


Was forced to change one’s profe[……]


T winter of th广州蒲友论坛e 14th chapter

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Weather gradually become cold, the spic paddy in the rice field became one bag to wrap up withered and yellow standing grain bag. The face also worked in cropland, a path break, go to school at this moment can be footloose on the road in cropland at a gallop. When a person, can step on He He to move round, the noise of Ka Ca, walk to be being counted at the same time at the same time, one, 2, 3. Counting, counting, visited the school, and forgot chill. On the road that classes are over, piquant schoolboy to warm oneself, the light side Tian Kuang fire, pervade to come in ablaze conflagration afield, cold wind, scintilla. Central heating. Classes are over to the winter different mood was added on the road.

Spend some of day, become between whole open country of bald. Look. Everywhere of empty sky, feel more cold at this moment.


When winter vacation exercise is sent originally, state final is about to come. Winter vacation life should begin again. A kind of ineffable excitement feels.

Open winter vacation to work this, look at inside the illustration of one page page, illustration is not deadwood, it is cold snow, illustration is filled sentence on sentence, two 34, fill below one. Wingceltis looks at the old per[……]


Tang Fe佛山桑拿夜生活论坛i’s retaliation

” Shan has Mu Xi ” Ding Liu / , this chapter in all 3174 words, update at: 2017-02-11 22:13

Qin Shan wants demit to drop present job in kink otherwise all the time recently, tang Fei’s contract comes down without the autograph company opinion is particularly big, fortunately lofty plain after the whole story that knew a thing, feel to lead to blunder from personal within an inch of, because this is special generous carry left this job, so Qin Shan did not get punish. But she or faint uneasiness, since Tang Fei has known he goes to work where, affirm the clarity that also feels oneself current situation, he is affirmative won’t be apt to stops of be willing to give up.

Seek Wang Shuwei’s opinion, it is a word every time, “See you, you are happy go. ” as an old man, wang Shuwei notices the caution that is less than a schoolgirl is thought of for certain. such all the time bad news a few months, also calm. Think in Qin Shan Tang Fei has forgotten her when, did she receive the information: that hair of an unfamiliar number comes to? Does  of Lu of Piao of doubt of litter of grey  an ancient nationality in China bow with hands clasped to full of Chi of leg fierce Jia to point to hang down ぷ a huge legendary turtle?

Resume the work? Qin Shan water of a mist, the mischief that who is? She thought back to, without what Wei of tree of king of this paragraph of time is abnormal, now and then see his brow[……]


A Yin treasure treasure th广佛街 论坛at I love the 10th chapter one person

” you are encountered in the most beautiful time ” Chen Rui / , this chapter in all 4977 words, update at: 2017-03-19 13:13

Already was hind of half an year.

A day of early morning, cheng falls to be walked out of from the bedroom, come to the sitting room directly, pull open a chair to sit down took the sandwich in dish to bite.

“You have a thing actually! ” the day flourishing a fine that takes opposite him is pointing to him surprisingly all over the face, frighten so that fell from the chair.

“Open-eyed what? ” Cheng falls look sidelong at him, resembling is to seeing idiocy.

Does day flourishing a fine live from the take everything into one’s own hands that excitement climbs on the ground does the hand that Cheng falls ask ” did your anorexia disease become good? Does day flourishing a fine live from the take everything into one’s own hands that excitement climbs on the ground does the hand that Cheng falls ask ” did your anorexia disease become good??

Cheng falls the takes out oneself hand that be driven beyond forbearance, continue to eat his breakfast, be disinclined to manage he.

Although the anorexia disease that Cheng falls became good, but he cannot see red resembles ketchup however in that way food, otherwise he can be spat madly more than, that gules blood can appear in his brain again, doctor in charge of a cas[……]


Fam全国凤凰楼信息网ilial game is not interesting

” Shi Kai ” hard gold Chen / , this chapter in all 2000 words, update at: 2017-02-08 19:15

When Lin Shichen prepares to give Ling Dong his tear, lin Xingchen checked she, “Elder sister, are you incorrect without the complexion that discovers Ling Dong? ” Lin Xingchen in a low voice say, what is the look that sees Ling Dong only is like laughing like conspiratorial have one’s way, scorn of a silk is revealed in the eye, “Ling Dong, I ask you, where is the XX scientific lab that you say, where be to be able to find my parents probably! ” this problem is a Ling Dong pose, he knows to make up only, know where XX scientific lab is!

“I tell Ling Dong you, our age is small, but our intelligence quotient is not small, I had said, if you dare cheat me, I killed you for a short while! ” Lin Shichen was full of murderous look in the eye at the moment, “Well? You won’t should be in the jail? How, do not become your escape from prison hard? ” An Xueying and Wang Yuan are same, accurate for, was affected by Wang Yuan namely, “I. . . . ” ha, you say not to come out word! “How, you say not to come out word! ” An Xueying also is very indignant actually, after all everybody does not like others to cheat his.

“Shi Chen, astral Chen, you need not blame him! ” alas, the miracle appeared, forest father forest mom appeared, “Pa Mom! ” ” uncle aunt! ” these 6 people speak out for a short while together really, “Good, kn[……]


广州桑拿夜生活论坛The 42nd chapter is acquainted

” doting lover ” one murder tender feelings / , this chapter in all 1100 words, update at: 2017-03-24 22:12

Yan Yulin sees the Lin Mengxue before had been cheated. . . That greatly bosom. . . Melting cheek. . Still have the become known leg that that package falls in the jeans. . . . Cannot help thinking the man that allows a maturity is held in arms, get on a few in person. . Next. . . . . . . Bang bang. . . . Nevertheless Yan Yulin just feels she is a little beautiful, did not like her meaning, there is Feng Xiaojia only inside the heart because of him a person. . .

Had answered a god to come, yan Yulin coughed two track: “Light snow ” . Bother you and me to go afternoon. . .

Wait meeting, what do you call me? Lin Mengxue pop the eye shows he asks.

Light snow. Because you grow too beautifully, the feeling is very close, make flurry so. . How? Do not like? The say of Yan Yulin leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards.

Not, either. . . It is a bit unaccustomed. . . good good, did not say to go, go to your school. Lin Mengxue say.

Be no good! The surface is quite cool outside today, the dress that change a body goes. Your dress is a little simple. Go adding a bit thicker. The say that Yan Yulin cares. The helper that because he does not think himself,searchs still does not have that. . . Fell ill first. . . That is not awkward. .[……]