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” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 503 words, update at: 2017-07-26 21:07

Meeting again with him is those who be in classmate new company open business on celebration. That day, came a lot of classmates, the comparison that I and Qing Dynasty go to is early, he comes in the evening. , regrettablly then the individual did not come along. Before going, return persuade me not to go, saying is lest saw more awkward, but I must go.

“Are you not reconciled to? ” Qing Dynasty asks me so.

I: “Be harmed in that way by who won’t be content with, I am not a sage, saying again is not I am opposite at the outset he, am I dry is assist of move wanting Tibet worn? Am I dry is assist of move wanting Tibet worn??

He is so thin as before, the old pattern that still is before varies without what. Listen to a classmate to say his body all the time not very is good, the job also is not very flexibly, my little do not care. I am ordinal this are dry after making call with the classmate work, did not manage alone only he. To me this appearance the heart tells everybody abdomen bright, after all at the outset the person that the thing knows is absent a few. Should let me think with doctrine bit, had been past type after all, my heart still did not suffer pilot to ache.

After going back, qing Dynasty asks me: “Feeling how, return hate? Return hate??



D佛山桑拿论坛0757ozenth chapter

” the angel of love ” Nai falls 152102/ is written, this chapter in all 2072 words, update at: 2017-08-28 12:12

Grand like that according to ** be used to, went out to take a walk again, he went for a long time, still did not want to understand this problem, a this many month he is being perplexed by this problem, made his sore point, for love he does not wish in order to abandon, can see the child occasionally, think of to there is oneself child after oneself, in his heart a secret anguish, he also tells himself in the heart, if will come adopt the child, be together with the child time grew, the likelihood did not care, although,can be him tell oneself, but he still cares, he is thinking everyday, why cannot oneself have oneself one’s own child, why to want adopt, he is immersed in this kind of contradiction everyday in, cannot extricate oneself, occasionally, he becomes aware oneself got mental disease,

Laoli, work you, small triumphant of grinning look at him,

Small triumphant, do not have a thing, dinner eats much, take a walk, li Hao like that light say

Take a walk, from you the home arrives here, you are to taking a walk, laoli, you are occupied, you are affirmative and occupied, in small triumphant again and again examine minutely below, two people come to a cafeteria, wanted a few food, grand pours out his affliction like that small triumphant listen, small triumphant af[……]


The 41s广州桑拿夜生活论坛VFDt chapter: Clear up

” encountering you is a flower leaves ” one star dirt / , this chapter in all 2701 words, update at: 2017-09-18 17:32

The following day in the morning, lin Dong was dealt with leave hospital formalities, return the former still model in the home, just appear some cold and cheerless, and sanitation is a little serious also.

Lin Dong puts down baggage, take TV by, open DVD, pressed piece of mating plate to be pushed, the musical transmission that a belt feels comes out. Lin Dong will to the side of Yin Yao’s was her to wear the hat that a newspaper folds.

“General cleaning. ” Lin Dong says to helping Yin Yao sweep.

Worked a long time be cleared away clean eventually, two people are so tired that two people lie on sofa to looking at the ceiling, of Shu Xin breath. Lin Dong poured cup water along with body of of people of talent, quaff.

“Also pour a cup to me, my tired waist aches. ” Yin Yao say.

Lin Dong is very obedient also poured a cup for Yin Yao, drink in Yin Yao later, she held Lin Dong general in the arms rise, be on a building to put her to her bed. Yin Yao appears a little open-eyed, ask hastily: “What should you do, be no good now. Be no good now..

“Be no good what ah, now. ” Lin Dong is bad bad laugh character.

After Lin Dong puts Yin Yao to the bed to run downstairs, not a little while Lin Dongduan[……]


The 21st chapter depends on a person, fight south en江门0750飞机rol you to go!

” if this life vivid battle song rises ” connect clever half Tibet / , this chapter in all 3096 words, update at: 2017-08-22 05:00

To Chen Xiu according to the person plan says, “I do not agree with him to buy bit currency at that time, that since he had been bought, if deficit calculates him himself, if won me,also do not want. If won me,also do not want..

“What logic is this? ” Chen Xiu plan does not have a Pull in your ears! temporarily, speak sound to come.

Dong Yi’s person says to him, “This is my logic, I do not want to see, dragon this 2 people. Dragon this 2 people..

Chen Xiu plan just suddenly at this moment, original Dong Yi’s person is right dragon 2 it is true disappointed really.

Right now, according to taking in hand ” instead flimsy ” that book, she says to beautiful plan: “Was opposite, this ” turn over flimsy ” I feel very pretty good.

“Acquire inside the book all sorts of, hit the processing technique of experience to uncertainty, ” the hand since back of Chen Xiu plan, the in sad earnest says, “To sum up in a word, can be weighed for: Should be in uncertainty benefit, must be in as far as possible prepare more at ordinary times. Must be in as far as possible prepare more at ordinary times..

Dong Yi’s person says: “Hum, preparation is so understandable prepare into material, also can be prepared into spirit[……]


The talk in tem广州桑拿论坛体验报告ple of demon of bend over of the 27th chapter

” if this life vivid battle song rises ” connect clever half Tibet / , this chapter in all 3286 words, update at: 2017-08-28 05:00

“Oh, what to call the hero, the monicker that you call me ‘ dish small bug ‘ OK. The monicker that you call me ‘ dish small bug ‘ OK..

“Does that feel embarrassed more? Insult the person’s feeling a bit. Insult the person’s feeling a bit..

“Hey, have nothing to do! What a moment ago I say is Shenyang of Ye law summation really always, they are to be in south fight electric equipment the 2nd with the 3rd manager, laowang is namely on their hand, from average qualitative check member turn into vice director, turn into again next of the director. Turn into again next of the director..

“That China who is the director? ” dish small bug did not start to talk.

However on the side that poor woman student that wears purple dress started to talk, say: “That is the wiring squad squad leader with manufacturing former ministry, cheng Jiliang’s predecessor, ” here, that schoolgirl depress throat says to depending on a person: “He ah, fierce move! Fierce move!!

According to the person more curious, “Oh, how fierce! How fierce!!

Poor woman student just should talk, a moment ago that fat schoolgirl that wears pink dress checked she.

Dong Yi’s person to fat schoolgirl they say: “Had not consulted[……]


Make fun广州中低端茶微信 of

” late cage Gu by ” Chong An / , this chapter in all 411 words, update at: 2017-10-01 16:56

Fang Yiru looks at 4 babies before tired outly, one pair teachs connubial daughter, forest Que Xi’s daughter, lu Hangmei’s daughter, the daughter of He Jin evening. She saw He Jin evening drop the daughter of oneself and Lu Hangmei just now bag. So… He Jin evening should very the daughter that is fed up with Lu Hangmei…

Originally from left arrive right 4 cradles are respectively: Beautiful, peacefully, jing Yuan, xu Ling.

Why be after evening has changed, today: Peacefully, beautiful, jing Yuan, xu Ling.

Resemble holding Luo Jun in the arms secretly before New Year more, kill Xie Zhen and forest Bao Yan’s child is same, fang Yiru plays again this one trick.

The order of last child turned into: Peacefully, jing Yuan, xu Ling, beautiful.

How does Lu Hangmei’s daughter install couple of the professor that be opposite by that to raise flatly big, professor couple’s real daughter entered Lin Jiashou to use up distress, the daughter of He Jin evening is brought up to be brought up by Lu Hangmei, ought by Lin Que if the daughter of jewellery is trampled by He Jin evening,inspect, all one’s life ego is detested.

So grove sees Fang Yiru in crematory rather, so Qi Hangzhi sees Xue Ling rain in crematory, so Fang Yiru disappears thoroughly.



63 keenly felt pa佛山桑拿夜蒲网in

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1433 words, update at: 2017-06-17 13:40

Because the son is like at a draught sensible many, how cannot oneself also be at ease, ask a son new mother is good to him?

The son’s word did not make me right elegant beautiful what resents or hate, she just loses her child after all, and still — should be small brightness think the thing is not quite considerate? My cuddle wears son: “Son, actually new mother also is your mom, you will be a family henceforth, you are close friends to her manner, should kiss, resemble following mom same, know? Know??

“Mom, I want to be together with you, I do not like her! Are we in grandmother home — ” does the son still feel be in front of Mom of his one’s own pa is good?

I do not know how to should explain with him, anyway we also are not answered forever once upon a time that appearance. I am sorry! Son, it is mom did not guard this home.

Accompanied a son to eat a meal, played to meet again, mom sends him small brightness there, I also am riding a bicycle to return annals brave home.

See I come back, annals brave sees me carefully, before be being compared it seems that spirit a lot of, his this ability puts down a heart to come: “See wintry winter? In his father is that wrong not? In his father is that wrong not??

He wants to[……]


33 I be广州夜生活娱乐DFGlieve you most

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1850 words, update at: 2017-05-08 18:09

I am right small brightness him manner also cannot exercise restraint, although understand in the heart, since do not have a divorce to should try to excuse him, should give him the chance, should well get along, is not to punish him, also punishing oneself at the same time, but I am not done really!

The elder sister also had not happened like what thing same, what do not have little so together is different, she is careless of not care a nut, still have leisurely mood even jokingly I: “2 wood, fasten so dead sex, what time? So conservative still? Is open dot no good? This calls fat water not to shed alien cropland! Year in year out always facing a man, don’t you have a deficit fortunately? Otherwise, do I lend you to use your elder sister’s husband? If you do not like, goods in stock is had a plenty of on my hand, the skill that each takes, protect maintain a volume character! You can choose casually! You can choose casually!!

Be disinclined to manage really her, how can you have so the woman of shameless? And the close elder sister that still is me actually, let me escape not to escape! Sometimes she is met before my face He Xiaohui greets sb, conversation, perhaps let him receive the child to do what thing. Do not know to carrying me on the back, are they how scene? That picture that can[……]


28 out of thin 广州水磨SPA水疗EFFair

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 2263 words, update at: 2017-05-03 19:53

See mom comes back, the little sister attacks at a draught in mom’s bosom: “Mom, you must be done for me advocate, of these two shameless seduce together, be given to bump by me, they remove a hand to hit me repeatedly actually! You see what make my face! I did not live today — “

The little sister admires the little face that has elegant grievance to let mom look. The looks at a little sister face that mom feels distressed, she is delicate left half face is having 4 apparent hand finger mark, look Xiao Liang also is enraged bad really, the helper also was to use particular strength.

It is the close little sister that I did not think of me really only, can without foundation speaks such letting that I am unthinkable, if cannot believing more. How is she OK so right I? Arriving as a child is she is bullying me mostly, I had never been done however I am sorry her thing!

Although be out of thin air, after all male model looks beautiful sufferred a lot of grievance, arrive as a child big, what mom believes most is her word, although mom of a lot of moment knows perfectly well a thing,not be what say like her in that way, dote on because of exorbitant however, can show the smiling face of charming beauty for her, mom handles her by her meaning.

This should be n[……]


43. encounters when the past and futur广州夜网MHGe (2)

” pure pure president wife ” Mu Yunwen / , this chapter in all 1024 words, update at: 2017-08-24 21:33

Static station is by the side of the window, had looked a pair of carefree appearance, in actually someone heart should die urgently — how so slow, how to still come up? Si is in kitchen! ? This woman, how grind dillydally loiter…

Chi Lengmin goes to stop stop stopping is will send knead chaos very do not be fond of.

He leans in window edge twitch one’s mouth again very malcontent.

But just go 3 minutes obviously.

Chen Yu is pure be with what boil, there still is pretty much move among, which have so fast…

But at that time, the sound that rang to open the door however.

Chi Lengmin carries at a draught eye, expecting the person that the space of wherefrom stricture sends.

But… incorrect! This build hair is purer than Chen Yu a few shorter, still taking a few factitious brown, it is colored it seems that…

This person… either Chen Yu is pure…

Go that person raises a face gradually, there is a ray on the face, this ability sees Chi Lengmin clear, bearer is full two years long did not meet… handsomes!

The thrill through in Chi Lengmin eye is open-eyed.

“Leng Min… ” this lifetime is called already with differred two years ago,[……]